LG TONE Free FP9 review: smart and self-sanitizing Bluetooth headphones!


The sector of true wireless earphones lately is rather static and there are no particular innovations that are able to make a particular product unique and distinguishable. Fortunately from this point of view LG confirms itself to be one of the most avant-garde companies in the segment and wanted to demonstrate this with the launch of the new ones LG Tone Free FP9, i.e. earphones with smart functionality and particularly innovative.

How did they behave during our tests? We just have to find out in the full review!

LG TONE Free FP9 Review

Unboxing - LG TONE Free FP9

The sales package is made of white hardcover and inside there is the following equipment:

  • LG Tone Free FP9;
  • charging case;
  • USB charging cable - USB Type-C;
  • USB Type-C cable - 3.5 mm jack for Plug & Wireless transmission;
  • additional rubber pads of different sizes;
  • manuals.

Design and construction

From a design point of view these LG TONE Free FP9 are a truly enchanting product as the case has a smooth shape similar to a Zen garden stone, while the earphones are compact ed stylish thanks to the alternation between matte and mirrored finish.


The look is not the only aspect that gives it a feeling of elegance and excellence, as even to the touch the materials make you feel all their quality thanks to a construction in polycarbonate of excellent workmanship and, above all, resistant to scratches. In addition, we also find one IPX4 certification which allows it to resist splashing water, such as sweat or rain.


The case is the size of 54.5 x 54.5 x 30 millimeters for a weight of just 36.7 grams and on the outside there is an LED that shows the battery status, an LED that certifies the start of self-sanitation, as well as the USB Type-C input and the switch for the Plug & Wireless functionality.

Inside we find two blue LEDs next to the two sensors with UVnano technology, who deal with the sanitization process of the earphones.

As for the latter on the body they are present well 3 microphones (1 internal and 2 external), the proximity sensor that will pause playback when we remove one of the two earphones and, finally, the touch-sensitive surface.


Through gestures it will be possible to carry out various operations:

  • Play / pause: a tap on the right or left earbud;
  • Answering calls: a tap on the right or left earbud;
  • Reject a call: double tap on the right or left earphone;
  • Turn down the volume: double tap on the left earphone;
  • Raise the volume: double tap on the right earphone;
  • Previous track: triple tap on the left earphone;
  • Next track: triple tap on the right earphone;
  • Activate / deactivate ANC: a tap followed by a tap on the left or right earbud.

These are the settings that we find by default, but through the application TONE Free it will be possible personalize completely the commands. In addition, there is also the voice command function that can be added to those mentioned above.

The reception of the touches however is very fast e accurate, I must say that within this segment one hardly notices such an efficient response.

In all this, the earphones can be worn very well and you will not encounter any problems in prolonged use, as we are talking about an extremely light and ergonomic product. Indeed, LG worked with Postech to design headphones that they could adapt to the shape of any ear and maximize comfort and fit.


So I have not found any critical issues even during the most intense sports sessions or while running, as the product has always remained firmly in the ears.

UVnano sanitation

As I have already repeated several times, the LG TONE Free FP9 have a function self-sanitizing, so by placing the earphones inside the case and connecting it to the power supply, the sensors with UVnano technology they will eliminate the 99.9% of bacteria in just 5 minutes.


Furthermore, we point out that i rubbers they are made of medical-grade gel, more precisely in non-toxic hypoallergenic silicone, which reduces any discomfort due to prolonged use of the earphones.

Connectivity and calls

- LG TONE Free FP9 have the Bluetooth 5.2 with codec support AAC SBC and during these weeks of use they performed very well, as the connection occurs quickly and smoothly, keeping the signal firmly up to 20 meters.

With regard to the latency there are no delays between audio and images when watching videos, films or music, but not even during gaming. In fact, through the app it is possible to activate a special function that will allow us to minimize latency.

Moving on to calls, as mentioned above, on board the LG TONE Free FP9 we find 3 microphones, which allow us to make excellent calls thanks to a very good noise suppression and voice capture.

Among other things, there is also the "Whisper" function, which will allow us to use the right earphone as the main microphone, so bringing it close to the mouth we can also speak in a low voice so as not to listen to conversations while we are on the train, on the subway or in public places where there is no privacy .

However, what I believe to be the most useful and innovative feature is the Plug & Wireless. In fact, with this feature we could make any device compatible with audio jack from 3.5 mm with wireless earphones.

Let me explain: with the Plug & Wireless the earphone charging case will become a convenient wireless transmitter for Bluetooth-free audio sources such as old PCs or stereos, exercise equipment, in-flight entertainment systems, portable consoles and so on.


All you have to do is plug in the adapter USB-C - AUX to the headphones and the device from which you want to receive audio, press the switch on the side of the case and that's it!

Audio quality and active noise cancellation

From an audio point of view, the LG TONE Free FP9 are among the best wireless earphones in its reference range, as there is an excellent balance of frequencies and a right predisposition of the bass, which are quite deep and balanced with the highs and the mids.

If you want to customize the equalization anyway, you can do it through the dedicated app, which includes several settings including the 3D Sound Stage. Precisely with regard to this aspect, the Korean company has collaborated with Meridian-Audio to optimize the sound quality.

In general, in fact, various technologies have been exploited including the one that Meridian calls HSP (Headphone Spatial Processing), that is an audio processing that simulates the listening experience through real speakers, returning a clear and spatial sound.


Moving on to active noise cancellation, thanks to the optimized driver and the 3 integrated microphones, the earphones hear and measure external noise and produce an “anti-noise” signal (therefore one opposite to it) capable of reducing it.

In everyday experience this translates into a 'excellent ANC, which will completely isolate us on the train or on any other public transport. In any case, within the app you can choose between two intensity of noise cancellation, high or low.

However, if you want to practice outdoor sports and keep attention on what is happening around you, then you can activate the transparency mode, which always has two levels of intensity.


To manage some earphone functions we can interface directly with the app TONE Free available for both Android and iOS. Inside we can modify gestures to our liking, choose the listening mode between ANC active, ANC deactivated and transparency, update the product, activate the Gaming Mode, whisper mode, change the equalization or activate the reading of notifications.

Speaking of the latter, I personally considered it a great feature, as a system entry will go there to read any messages received from all the apps that can be selected from the menu.

So for example if we get a message while we are running, we will not have to pick up the phone to read the notification, but they will think about it. LG TONE Free FP9. A convenience does not give poco!

For the rest, the app is very well done, each section is clear and easy to use, not to mention the fact that we have a large number of features and customizations available.


- LG TONE Free FP9 have a battery of 68 mAh for each headset e 390 mAh for the case, these specifications allow them to have excellent autonomy.

In fact, with volume at 80% and active noise cancellation it is possible to go up to about 6 hours of playback continues, but by deactivating the ANC you can also go up to 10 hours.

Incredible numbers if you take into account that with the case we will have overall 15 hours autonomy in case of ANC enabled e 24 hours with ANC disabled.

Among other things we point out that with only 5 minutes charging in the case, the headphones will guarantee you another hour of playback. If you just want to reload them from 0 to 100%instead, it will hardly be needed 1 hours.

Conclusions - LG TONE Free FP9

In conclusion I must say that these LG TONE Free FP9 they really have me astonished, as we are not talking about the usual standard earphones that are limited to a balanced sound and good noise cancellation, but try to give real added value to the end customer.

The process of self-sanitation, 3D Sound Stage, Plug & Wireless, Whisper mode el 'Customizable ANC these are all features that enrich daily use and that make you perceive all the attention to detail of the Korean company.

As for the price, the LG TONE Free FP9 are available on the LG official store about 179 €, a high figure, but in line with the main top of the range in the sector and given all its characteristics, the reason is soon explained. Personally I got along very well with them and from now on they will be my daily driver!

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