How to recover deleted messages on WhatsApp with Android

How to recover deleted whatsapp messages

For some years WhatsApp has enabled the feature for delete messages after sending but, unlike Telegram, it is not possible to completely hide this action from the sender, as the message will appear in the chat "This message has been deleted".

For this reason, several more or less complex methods have been created to access the chat archives in the internal memory of your device and read the content of deleted messages, but in today's guide I will show you a trick to recover them quickly and easily with all Android smartphones.

Come leggere i messaggi delete your WhatsApp

The quick and easy trick to read deleted messages on WhatsApp

As already mentioned at the beginning, once the message in the WhatsApp chat is deleted, our sender will read it "This message has been deleted" and I know that in most of us a strong curiosity will arise in discovering the "secret" content.

Basically the application does not allow you to recover it with a few simple clicks, but several complex operations will be required in the file manager of your smartphone. For this reason they were born some free services which allow you to recover deleted messages such as WhatsRemoved + e NotificationHistory.

Today we will focus on the first application, let's see together the steps to take.

1. Download WhatsRemoved + and set up

Look for the application WhatsRemoved + on Google Play Store o click here to find it directly and then proceed with the installation.

Once installed it will be important grant it permissions per access notifications and select WhatsApp as the only app to follow. I recommend, if you silence the notifications from WhatsApp there could be problems in detecting deleted messages, so it is good to keep them always active.

Next we select the item that us allows you to detect and save deleted files, Then "Yes, save the files" and then “Consent”.

2. Use WhatsRemoved and view deleted messages

From now on whenever they send you a message on WhatsApp and delete it there it will be possible to see it. The application, in fact, is well structured and is able to divide the messages also according to the sender.

This is one of the easiest and fastest methods for recover messages deleted from WhatsApp. However, I remind you that there are cases in which the app may not detect them, namely:

  • If you silence the notifications;
  • If you have the energy savings;
  • If you don't have internet connection.

How many of you already knew this trick? What method do you use? I wait for you in the comments!

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