The Samsung Galaxy Note series is dead: confirmation arrives

samsung galaxy note 20 ultra

Ten years ago the series was inaugurated Samsung Galaxy Note, of which I was a proud adopter as a lover of the phablet concept. From its particular format in 16:10, the series took an evolution that made it into poco time much loved by the community. If we exclude the unfortunate Chapter Notes 7, many models have been very successful in terms of sales. Thanks to both the hardware brought to the highest levels and the implementation of the S Pen, still unique in the world of smartphones. But since Samsung has decided to introduce the stylus also on the S series, there has been rumors of thefarewell to the Galaxy Note series.

Farewell that has materialized in this 2021: for the first time in ten years, Samsung has decided not to launch any model of the Galaxy Note series on the market. Whether you have implemented the stylus on the Samsung Galaxy S21 series, or the phablet legacy taken from the Galaxy Z Fold series, it seemed like you would never see a Galaxy Note again.

2022 will not be the year of the return of the Samsung Galaxy Note

To further extinguish the hopes of those who would like the continuation of the Samsung Galaxy Note family there is a report by the South Korean media ETNews. According to this report, Samsung would have prepared the annual smartphone production plan for the 2022 and it would not be expected any Galaxy Note. The latest Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and 20 Ultra were brought to the shelves over 15 months ago, accruing 22,4 million shipments between 2019 and 2020 added together with the Note 10 series. however 2021 million units were produced to meet the demand of most Aficionados. But according to the aforementioned annual plan, in 2022 the production quota of the Note series is set to zero.

samsung galaxy note 20 ultra 5g dxomark

All those who would like a new Samsung Galaxy Note will be directed to the next one Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, which in addition to the stylus introduced on the S21 Ultra will also have the appropriate Note-style slot. Those who have always been fascinated by large form factors will also be targeted by the production of folding smartphones, where Samsung is a leader. Not surprisingly, in the August time window in which the new Notes usually arrived, Galaxy Z Fold 3 was presented. 2022 is to send something like 13 million of drives and there seems to be no more room for the defunct Galaxy Note series.

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