Low latency low cost: the Tronsmart Battles are back on offer from Europe

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More and more space is being given to mobile gaming and in-game group chats are now commonplace. For this, having a good pair of low latency headphones is really important. An assist comes to us from the low-latency TWS earphones Tronsmart Battle, now back on offer with discount code su Geekbuying and especially with shipping from Europe.

Tronsmart Battle: the low-latency TWS earphones on offer with a discount code on Geekbuying

discount code tronsmart battle low latency tws earphone coupon offer 2

The Tronsmart headphones come in a semi in-ear conformation, which allows for greater comfort in wearing, while the very particular charging case recalls the gaming soul of the product. Interesting gem of the case is precisely the lid that is not only transparent, but also rotating, which is really difficult to find on other models.

Moving on to the features, we have excellent 13mm drivers, as well as the possibility of using various touch controls. One of these allows us to switch to low latency mode, a real peculiarity of Tronsmart Battle. Present the Bluetooth in standard 5.0. The play of RGB LED lights is very nice.

Then find the Tronsmart Battle low-latency TWS earphones on offer with a Geekbuying discount code, which is combined with the convenient shipping from Europe to receive them in a short time.

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Shipping from EUROPE - 4.6 €

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