Xiaomi makes your life easier with the ultimate toothpick dispenser

Xiaomi YouPin toothpick dispenser discount code

Lovers of Xiaomi and its crowdfunding platform know well that the Chinese company never misses an opportunity to launch useful and cheap accessories. On this tour we find a useful product in the kitchen, or rather, at the end of a good lunch: it is a practical one toothpick dispenser made on purpose to make life easier for users, launched on Xiaomi YouPin and now on offer on AliExpress.

Xiaomi YouPin presents the definitive toothpick holder: a practical and economical dispenser!

Xiaomi YouPin toothpick dispenser discount code

Who hasn't had a problem with toothpicks? Thin and very light, they often cause headaches when it's time to take one out of the box, but once again the answer comes from the Chinese company. The practical dispenser di toothpick launched on Xiaomi YouPin comes with a practical button which allows you to recall a single stick, in order to avoid waste and accidental falls. A solution as simple as it is useful! The top has a cover transparent, in order to facilitate the moment of recharging; the device can hold up to 150 toothpicks.

The dispenser toothpick holder di Xiaomi YouPin is on the flash offer on AliExpress at a super price: below you will find the link to the purchase. If you don't see the box below correctly, try disabling AdBlock.


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