Your home becomes even smarter with this lock: maximum security for only 60 €

Tuya smart lock discount code

Do you want to give your home a smart touch? Then it's time to move on to one smart lock, a practical and fast solution, easy to use and - above all - economical, thanks to this model Tuya on offer lightning up Banggood!

The Tuya smart lock is on a flash offer, but only for poco time

Tuya smart lock discount code

Even if Xiaomi has the dominance when it comes to this type of devices, obviously on YouPin there are many equally interesting brands able to provide economic solutions. Tuya, one of the brands active on the crowdfunding platform, presents a smart lock perfect for taking the first steps: the device is made with a sturdy body and allows you to exploit various types of unlocking. We have a fingerprint reader digital, the ability to use a PIN or a smart card; or, alternatively, there is also the release directly through the app companion or with the use of the physical key. Autonomy is entrusted to four mini AAA batteries.

Tuya smart lock discount code

La Tuya smart lock is on offer on the Banggood store, complete with shipping directly from Europe. If you are interested in getting your hands on the device, you will find the purchase link below. If you don't see the box below correctly, try disabling AdBlock.


Shipping from EUROPE

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