Blitzwolf BW-VT2 Review: Bring the CINEMA in your POCKET!

When we think of projectors, habit often leads us to think of heavy, bulky devices, with a thousand cables between the feet and too many demands on space; portable mini projectors are becoming increasingly popular, and that of Blitzwolf BW-VT2 on paper it is among the most peppery ones.

Compact size, a good battery and more - will that be enough?

Blitzwolf BW-VT2 review

Design and Materials

Let's start immediately from an assumption: this is not a professional projector, but it falls into the category of portable battery-powered ones, and therefore destined for a totally different slice of the market and customers.

Having clarified this, the Blitzwolf BW-VT2 is made entirely of plastic and has a size equal to 72 72 x x 106mm and weighs less than 400 grams, so to speak in the pocket of a jacket it fits without great difficulty.

On the top it has a surface touch screen that, if you do not want to use the remote control in the package, you can safely use it to navigate the various parts of the operating system.

It does not have adjustable feet, and I found this a bit awkward to balance the image on a not quite flat surface. On the four sides, then, all the available inputs are distributed: on the left side there is the power button as well as the AUX input, on the right side there is the adjustment for manual focus while on the back side we find the USB port for connecting external sources, the input for power and the HDMI port.

On the lower part, beyond the slits to allow the cooling of the projector, there is a threaded hole to allow the attachment of a tripod to be used as a support for the maintenance of the projector itself.

The remote control is very essential, and in some ways it gives me the air of being a little too cheap (which is not perceived by the projector); however the remote control is made entirely of plastic, very light and equipped with practically all the buttons you will need while using the projector. Contrary to what has been seen on other models, the remote control is infrared and is not Bluetooth (even if it supports Bluetooth remote controls), but I still noticed a good range that does not create problems.


Blitzwolf BW-VT2 projects images thanks to a system DLP and with a 0.20 ″ matrix with a maximum resolution of 480P (in detail 854 x 480 pixels). The lens on this model is supposed to guarantee vision for around 10.000 hours, but we know exactly how much wobble there can be in this data.

The image that the Blitzwolf BW-VT2 is able to project has a range that starts from 40 ″ to 300 ″: I was able to appreciate its goodness in an intermediate dimension between these two values, to be honest. The minimum operating distance is about half a meter, while the maximum is about 8 meters: my advice, however, is also in this case to operate in the middle between these two values, therefore about 3-4 meters away from the wall on which projected are the right compromise.

Il screen ratio, depending on the source, it can be equal to 16:9, 16:10 or 4:3, but in each of these cases the main requirement remains that of always having to focus in manual mode.

The hardware equipment consists of a processor 7GHz Quad-Core Cortex A1.2 (of which Blitzwolf does not specify the model in detail), 2GB of memory RAM DDR3, 16GB of storage indoor, Bluetooth 4.2 and network card Wi-Fi to 5GHz (with good reach, by the way).

Furthermore, in the back there is a 3W speaker, ideal for very small rooms but not the best solution if you intend to project in a very large room and perhaps in the company of some friends; the 3.5mm jack is useful for connecting a small external system or, alternatively, just to remain wireless, you can use Bluetooth with some equally portable speakers such as the projector.

Video quality

Un advice recurrent and valid for any portable projector (some more, some less) is to avoid projecting images on walls (even white) or on sheets as the maximum brightness of these small projectors is not as high as that of fixed projectors, and you probably won't be able to enjoy the beautiful pictures. The alternative is to use real ones projection sheets, even not too expensive, so as to balance the quality.

That said, the Blitzwolf BW-VT2 guarantees sufficient image quality but not on par with even slightly more expensive solutions; I repeat, the strength of a product like this is his extreme portability and compactness combined with the fact that it guarantees about an hour and a half of projection with a single charge.

La image quality projected is acceptable when using the projector's internal source and, therefore, no external devices are connected; I noticed a brightness that was not very high but, I repeat, when I think of its dimensions everything fades into the background.

The quality drops slightly when connecting the projector to external sources, but it's still more than enough for home and non-professional use. Blitzwolf BW-VT2 it is also equipped with automatic keystone correction which is also quite efficient, so much so that it does not even allow you to perceive it in the slightest.


Android 9 is the beating heart beneath this Blitzwolf BW-VT2; on board we find an easy interface for use with the remote control and it is the same that we usually find on Android TV boxes, nothing more and nothing less.

Pre-installed on board we find Netflix, YouTube, Aptoide TV e poco other. The presence of mirroring applications via the smartphone is comfortable, which suggests that this is a product intended for a young audience that seeks portability rather than very high quality.

Services are not absent Google: Play Store is officially available, apps can be downloaded without any particular restrictions. The translations of the system are a bit pedestrian, just to quote my Latin teacher when she corrected my translated versions not quite correctly.

Considerations and Price

As repeated several times during the course of this test, the Blitzwolf BW-VT2 is a product that is chosen for its extreme compactness and portability: the fact that it also works on battery power and that it fits into a jacket pocket makes it one of the most compact products of its kind and this makes us forget about a not excellent brightness and of a resolution not exactly in line with current market standards.

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