Blackview Singles Day starts: rugged phones, tablets and accessories up to 70% discount

blackview singles day 11.11 rugged smartphone coupon deals

As the most saving-conscious will know, the month of November is not only important for the arrival of Black Friday, but also for another fundamental event. This week is one of the hottest of the whole year as it is the promotional period dedicated to Singles Day 11.11 (of which here you can find all the details): if you are looking for a rugged phone or a tablet, the brand BlackView certainly has the device that's right for you and now you can save up to 70% thanks to the promos dedicated to singles parties!

Singles Day 11.11 Blackview: all offers on smartphones, rugged phones, tablets and accessories

blackview singles day 11.11 rugged smartphone coupon deals

As it is easy to guess knowing the Chinese brand, one of the strengths is obviously represented by rugged phone: the super-resistant devices are part of the company's package, which has always stood out for respectable products, with certifications IP68, IP69K and that of military rank MIL-STD-810G. All rugged smartphones from BlackView they are resistant to dust, shock and water and there are both 5G models (such as BL5000 e BL6000Pro, proposed respectively to 269.9$ e 373$) than others equipped with special sensors. In the latter category we find the rugged BV6600 Pro e BV990 Pro (a 235.9$ e 395.9$), equipped with thermal camera, solutions particularly suitable for professionals.

Obviously, those looking for a classic rugged, without too many frills and with a super price can bet on BV4900 Pro e BV4900s, at $ 109.9 and $ 110.4. However Blackview is not only resistant devices, but also “normal” smartphones, as in the case of the models OSCAL C20, A80 e A90 a 49$, 77.9$ e 109.9$: discounts go up to 51%, so if you are looking for a low budget phone you will certainly find what is right for you.

blackview singles day 11.11 rugged smartphone coupon deals

Blackview offers for Singles Day 11.11 also continue on notebook e tablets, with discounts up to 45%. During the event we find Pad 8, Tab 10 and AceBook1 respectively at the discounted price of $ 143.9, $ 149.9 and $ 274.9. To conclude with a flourish, the TWS headphones and SmartWatch of the brand, with discounts up to 70%!

Curious to know all the offers of BlackView dedicated to Singles Day 11.11 and to save? Then below you will find the link for the event page on the official AliExpress store: if you don't see the box below correctly, try disabling AdBlock.

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Fino al 70% discount!

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