Annke C800 Review: 4K H.265 + for HOME security!


By now the topic of video surveillance is cleared through customs, and after having seen and deepened together some basic aspects of video surveillance in our previous reviews of the products of Annke (and not only), today it is time to explore Annke's new C800, an IP camera capable of recording video in 4K packaged codec H.265 + and much more.

Annke C800 review

Content of the package

As often happens in this type of product, the contents of the package are very limited. In fact, inside the box there is:

  • Annke C800
  • Installation and use manual
  • Screws for fixing to the wall with relative drilling pattern

Design and Materials

Made with a body in metal painted by White color Annke C800 it's a premium product and you notice this as soon as you pick up the camera for the first time.

His body è robust and the weight is quite important, about 410 grams; the camera does not have the usual "torpedo" shape, but is more rounded and has the ability to move onY axis, but only manually and not automatically.

The camera adjustment is not motorized and it is necessary to position the lens manually during assembly and tighten the appropriate screws. Like Annke's other products, the C800 is IP67 certified and can operate in practically extreme conditions, the company ensures optimum performance from -30 degrees up to about 60 degrees outside (two rather unlikely temperatures, by the way).

The big find on this Annke C800 is having found one MicroSD slot in the back, next to a reset button: I'll explain the pros of this presence later.

On the wall, however, there is one ferrule which rotates to allow you to fix it to the wall more freely and without too many constraints: three screws are required for a solid and resistant fixing and you can find them directly in the sales package.

Installation, configuration and monitoring

We have already explored several times the discussion concerning the configuration of PoE type cameras and how advisable it is to use a NVR to be able to fully exploit all their functions; in case you are interested in the topic, in the review of the NC400 and Video surveillance kit analog find ways to set up a surveillance system with NVR and DVR.

As anticipated before, the C800 in addition to being born and designed for a system with an NVR at the base, it also has a slot MicroSD, an absolutely rare feature on products of this type. The slot is useful for bypassing the NVR and, therefore, register 24/7 with only the camera and without a really structured system.

Now, the pros of this solution are undoubtedly the very high video quality that the C800 has compared to the classic smart cameras that are born to record on MicroSD, as well as continuous recording which is a function present only on these more “professional” cameras; the cons, however, are the need to wire the power supply and the network cable to your router, given the absence of a wireless module.

Personally I would never use such a product without an NVR, it would be like buying a Ferrari and then installing the LPG system: the paradox is clear, isn't it? There. Know that it can work without NVR, but with rather large limitations: you can only use it to record, which however it is not poco and that is what interests many.

Hardware Features and Image Quality

Annke C800 has a sensor Sony IMX274 with 2.8mm lens, 124 degree angle of view and ability to record images with up to 4K resolution; the peculiarity of this model is the support for the H.265 + codec which, compared to H.264 and the same H.265, allows the camera to record longer videos with less weight and above all a lower bandwidth consumption when accessing the streaming cameras remotely.

Night vision with active infrared

The one above is a frame captured by Annke C800 completely in the dark, without lights of any kind and with only active infrared: the quality is very high and the view remains good and defined up to a maximum distance of about 12-13 meters (even if the company ensures 30 meters, but the reality is different).

Lights on, picture quality

Thanks to technology EXIR 2.0 with Smart IR the camera improves one of those critical aspects on this category of devices, namely the problems of overexposure and underexposure: as is evident, the image quality is high both without light and with good lighting.

This model lacks color night mode, a feature we found in the previously reviewed NC400 model. Here, in addition, there is a microphone with noise cancellation and capable of recording sounds up to 6 meters; the quality is good, but the audio is not two-way, so you will not be able to send “vocals” via your smartphone, as you do with many of the smart cameras on the market. Just to point out, you can turn off the microphone if you don't want to record audio.

Considerations and Price

Annke C800 has a cost of approximately EUR 75 (o poco less, depending on the offers) and is available in several variants (or rather, its photographic part is available in several forms), with or without microphone, with or without anti-vandal protection or in the shape of a torpedo: the juice remains the itself, the camera has good value for money and good functions, it doesn't rain.

My advice is to spend a few euros more and rely on some product from the series Night Chroma (by Annke herself, just like the NC400) so as to have in addition to the 4K also color night vision. If the budget is smaller, then this C800 without microphone can cost you less than 70 euros, and is a great compromise.

Ah, don't forget an NVR: save a few euros on cameras, but don't do without the NVR.

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