1More ComfoBuds PRO Review: Noise Cancellation, Fast Charge and Long RUN!

Years ago I would have said that it was impossible to get a pair of headphones of this level at such a low price, but fortunately the technology is making great strides and 1More, a manufacturer that we now know very well, has produced a new model of true wireless headphones worthy of attention.

They are the 1More ComfoBuds Pro, a pair of true wireless headphones, with a refined design, long battery life, noise cancellation and much more: in short, the cards in order are all there, let's try them on the field to understand something more.

1More ComfoBuds PRO review

Content of the package

Il content area of package of the ComfoBuds Pro he is quite rich:

  • 1More ComfoBuds Pro
  • 4 pairs of rubber pads in different sizes (3 + 1 already installed)
  • USB-A / USB-C cable for charging
  • Travel bag to protect the headphones

Design and Materials

Le 1More ComfoBuds PRO weigh about 5.2g each and to the ear are worn quite simply and comfortably; to tell you that they are small and compact would be a lie, but despite the slightly larger size than usual they do not create more problems.

Both the case and the headphones are made from plasticdefinitely premium; the case is also very light, only 40 grams, and has a very pleasant matte finish to the touch (but somewhat slippery, watch out!). There is a status LED on the case on the front, while on the back we find the USB-C input for charging.

Among other things, the new ones ComfoBuds Pro by 1More are certified IPX4, so for those who play sports and "suffer" from a strong sweating, with this model you can sleep peacefully. In addition, during sporting activities they proved to be firmly in the ear, even if I am convinced that this is an extremely subjective and personal factor.

Le colors available are the White, black e aurora blue (the ones I tried). The headphones also have blue and red LEDs on the body, more precisely in the head of the headset there is a small window that leaves room for the colored LEDs that indicate both the state of charge and that of connection to the smartphone.

To be honest I don't really like the docking logic inside the case; you will very often make a mistake in repositioning the headphones in the case, and you will only notice it when you try to close it and fail.

Il body of the earphones, as usual, is touch and allows music control via double and triple clicks configurable via the smartphone app; in addition you can answer calls or end them while for the noise cancellation it will be sufficient to press and hold.

There are also sensors for the interruption of the music when the headphones are removed from the ear; they are pretty accurate, but you will need to enable this option manually.

Noise Cancellation and Smartphone App

La cancellation of noise is well integrated on this pair of ComfoBuds; through the 1More Music application on both Android and iOS you can manage the ANC on four different intensity levels (Strong, Mild, Pass-Through and WNR). Very interesting is the reduction of wind noise which also works very well; L'ANC set to Strongthen, it is the parameter that is most suitable for a real attenuation of the noises, even if it goes a little too much to distort the sound.

Pass-Through, on the other hand, allows for a lower noise reduction, but a more real and better balanced sound at the sound level. A favorable aspect that I had the pleasure of noting is the absence of headaches after prolonged use; this aspect is fundamental for me, and these 1More they did not disappoint me. Brava 1More!

L'smartphone appFurthermore, it is rather essential but it provides, after all, everything you need to be able to make the most of the headphones. As anticipated, it is possible to configure all gestures and actions for the touch surface of the headphones, manage the Smart Playback or the various ANC modes. Furthermore, there is no customizable equalizer but only the default presets to choose from.

Audio Quality

Le 1More ComfoBuds Pro come with two dynamic drivers da 13.4 mm and offer a decidedly quality sound, but above all rich in bass, and this was the biggest surprise.

On these true wireless headphones from 1More i bassi far exceed the medium-high frequencies, almost completely masking them: the sound, however, is not muffled even if an equalizer definitely improves the final result (tried with eqMac on Macbooks, but sadly on smartphones they are not accurate).

Io I'm not an audiophile, but I usually listen to music with quality systems or medium-high range headphones: the only complaint I feel I have in terms of quality is the lack of high frequencies that stand out, and almost cut the sound. However, the 1More ComfoBuds Pro are easily forgiven because they manage to cover, overall, a good range of frequencies with more than good results especially when measured with their decidedly reduced price and with adequate noise cancellation.

What makes it these earphones are unique it is the presence of three microphones distributed along the body; this allows you to actually have good quality during calls and allows the listener to have a clear and crystalline sound.

In addition, the latency is very low, around 10ms estimated, and is acceptable for example for watching a movie or video game without noticeable sound delay.


Autonomy, on the other hand, is one of the strong points of these ComfoBuds Pro; we talk of poco More than 6 real hours of listening on a single charge, with 80% volume and active noise cancellation.

The case, on the other hand, has one battery 450mAh which guarantees poco more than two full recharges to the two earphones, effectively reaching the 20 hours promised by the manufacturer which have proved to be real in all respects. The interesting part, moreover, is the fast recharge that the case is able to provide to the earphones: with only 15 minutes of charging, you can guarantee an autonomy of about 2 hours for the headphones, which is not really bad (1 hour instead, it is required for full recharging).

È absentfurthermore, the wireless charging for the case that recharges only via USB-C in about two hours.

Considerations and Price

A manufacturer like 1More is certainly not a fool, he knows how to do it and we have to recognize it: the attention to aesthetic details is very high and there are few Chinese producers who apply as 1More does under this front (so much so that it has been awarded as the best design on several occasions).

In everyday use they are highly respectable headphones, from a balanced price of about 60 €, and with an overall good noise cancellation. There are few alternatives (respectable, of course) in the same price range, it goes without saying that these ComfoBuds Pro are a product to consider.


Shipping from EUROPE and payment with PayPal! 

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€ 58.99 € (Blue) / 62.99 € (Black / White)
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