Xiaomi Pad 5 Mini: would you like a super small tablet? | Survey

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Similarly to what was done on the occasion of the rumors relating to the alleged OnePlus 9 Mini (unfortunately never arrived) we thought of launching a survey on the new trend of 2021/2022: the Android tablet market seems to be in a flowering phase both thanks to the excellent models of Lenovo and - of course - thanks to the new version of the Xiaomi tablet. But there are rumors of future developments and there may also be a solution around the corner "Super reduced": you would like one Xiaomi Pad 5 Mini?

An 8 ″ tablet is in the air: is it Xiaomi Pad 5 Mini or something else is cooking?

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As happened when talking about smartphones, we take the opportunity to re-propose the same question also with regard to the tablet sector even if it is a slightly different field, also given the previous ones. A market in crisis, the monopoly almost total of Cupertino and now what looks like one recovery: Android tablets have been sidelined by various manufacturers for too long but now it seems that a real race has started.

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After Xiaomi Hall 5, the last Lenovo e RealmePad we talk about solutions coming for OPPO, vivo and even OnePlus while Chinese users, on every possible occasion on Weibo (a well-known Asian social network) tease Lei Jun's house by referring to a "cheaper" tablet branded Redmi. From a product to be avoided (certainly considered too risky) to the new trend at the end of 2021, which will certainly continue throughout 2022. So let's expect a shower of tablets, perhaps with brands like Nubia, Red Magic and Meizu ready to enter the competition .

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The leaker also has a hand in this landscape that promises to be decidedly varied DigitalChatStation: the insider, linked to the Chinese world, teases Weibo users and begins to make references to an 8 ″ Android tablet. We who are born ill-thinkers immediately thought about a hypothetical Xiaomi Pad 5 Mini: At bottom the success of the new tablet is overwhelming and the occasion is too tempting not to milk it to the end. In addition, Xiaomi's solution adopts a panel from 11", Lenovo is about to launch one XiaoXin Pad from 12.6" and even the very cheap Realme Pad offers a screen from 10.4". The mini format does not fit any of the top Chinese brands and at the moment the only alternative (obviously aiming for the stars) comes from Cupertino with its iPad Mini (8.3", 195,4 x 134,8 x 6,3 mm).

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Thrown the hook regarding the interest of one or more Chinese brands in an 8 "tablet, DigitalChatStation increases the dose and reports a terminal voted on Gaming, perhaps with a high refresh rate. Talking about Xiaomi Pad 5 is very premature and the responses of Chinese users were not long in coming: as expected, we focus on Red Magic or even on Black Shark. As usual, someone brings up Redmi (after all, even the rib of Xiaomi has given itself to gaming).

In all this initial chaos we cannot help but ask ourselves and ask you: but an 8 ″ tablet makes sense in 2021? This is a suitable size, even taking into account the growing display size of smartphones (think next Honor X20 Max from 7.2", for example)?

Lenovo Tab P12 Pro and Tab P11 5G official

After all, the smartphone experiment seems to have failed: no Android manufacturer (except ASUS) seems intent on launching a phone with a "human" display and Cupertino itself would have had quite a few headaches from the latest iPhone Mini (so much so that there are rumors of an abandonment from the next 14 series).

What do you think of the whole thing? Would you like a Xiaomi Pad 5 Mini or in any case an 8 ″ solution? Let us know in the comments! From our side, as soon as there are news, we will inform you as usual.

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