Xiaomi Mi Smart Camera PTZ 2 is the new 360 ° security camera

Xiaomi Mi Smart Camera PTZ 2

After last year's models PTZ and PTZ Pro (followed then from the low budget version SE), the Chinese company has announced the new Xiaomi Mi Smart Camera PTZ 2, Highly respectable IP Camera proposed at a super affordable price (in the prefect style of Lei Jun's house).

Xiaomi Mi Smart Camera PTZ 2: what changes with the new version

Design and features

The new version of Xiaomi's PTZ security camera comes with some improvements over the previous generation. The images are clearer thanks to the transition from 2K resolution to 2.5K while the camera rises to 4 MP, always with opening f/1.4, 6P lenses and AI functionality. As the name implies, Xiaomi Mi Smart Camera PTZ 2 it is equipped with a PAN / TILT / ZOOM module, which can be moved both vertically and horizontally.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Camera PTZ 2

The IP Camera is equipped with an image sensor MJA1, which combined with dedicated AI algorithms allow you to obtain high-performance shooting, with saturated colors even in poorly lit environments. Obviously this is a remotely controllable smart solution (equipped with BT and Dual Band Wi-Fi). They complete the picture stereo speaker e integrated microphone and the ability to store videos and images both on the cloud and on microSD.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Camera PTZ 2: price and availability

The new Xiaomi Mi Smart Camera PTZ 2 arrives just in time for the next one Singles Day 11.11 and is offered at the discounted price of about 30 € at the current exchange rate, or 229 yuan.

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