Xiaomi presents a mini massage gun and many other innovations


The day of October 20 turned out to be particularly rich for Xiaomi: the Chinese company has confirmed the date of presentation of the series Redmi Note 11 and Redmi Watch 2 but also announced a new version of its latest robot vacuum and the security camera Mi Smart Camera PTZ 2. Do you think the news is already over? Well no: when Xiaomi gets into it, it really does things seriously!

All the news presented by Xiaomi on October 20: the Chinese company is preparing for Singles Day


The news of 20 October also continues with many other accessories announced at home, but a question arises: why this avalanche of new products? The reason is obvious and concerns one of the most important holidays for Chinese brands: the Singles Day 11.11 is approaching and, as expected, companies are beginning to enrich their respective catalogs. But now let's stop the chatter and let's discover the new products Xiaomi!

Xiaomi Mijia Band Gun Mini


The first novelty of the Chinese brand concerns a great return: the massage gun Xiaomi Mijia Band Gun reappears in version Mini! It is a tool that we know well, useful against muscle pain and able to offer massages with various levels of intensity. The dimensions of the gun are even smaller - as can also be seen from the image - while the selling price is approximately €46 at the current exchange rate, or 349 yuan.

Mijia Smart Curtain Battery Edition


The smart motor for curtains is renewed compared to the generation launched last year (here you find all the details): Xiaomi Mijia Smart Curtain Battery Edition, as the name implies, introduces support for an integrated battery. This has a 27W fast charge and allows you to mount the device without the clutter of cables. Obviously it is a smart product, remotely controllable via the app or through the XiaoAI voice assistant. As for the price, we talk about €120 at the exchange rate (899 yuan).

Mijia Computer Monitor Light Bar 1S


Another super interesting return for fans of the Chinese brand. Xiaomi Mijia Computer Monitor Light Bar 1S is the new version of the company's screen light (also launched by us and discounted on many occasions). Compared to the first chapter in this round we have a color rendering index RA95, which translates into more natural lighting. We find both the possibility of tilting the light through a system a magnetic rotation that the remote control; the real novelty is represented by the smart functions. Now the lamp has connectivity Wi-Fi and is able to interface with the smartphone. It can also be controlled via the assistant XiaoAI. The price is around €31 at the exchange rate, or 229 yuan.

Mijia Graphene Smart Electric Heater


La electric stove di Xiaomi changes its face and debuts in a brand new version with the name of Mijia Graphene Smart Electric Heater. This time the heater integrates a highly efficient graphene heating system, a solution capable of generating heat quickly; all seasoned with functionality smart, then control remotely (with your smartphone). In this case the price is approx €60, 449 yuan.

Almost certainly all these products will arrive in our latitudes thanks to the usual stores for us Westerners (such as Banggood e AliExpress, eg). However, if they are available, you will certainly find them in our Telegram channel GizDeals: sign up to stay up to date with the best offers in real time and never miss a chance!

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