Xiaomi Glance: how to activate the Carousel Wallpapers

xiaomi glance carousel wallpapers

La MIUI di Xiaomi allows a certain number of aesthetic customizations of the UI and among these is the Carousel Wallpapers. Also called Glance for Mi, it is a modality that has been present for some time in MIUI and that deals with enriching the aesthetics of the block screen. It is very useful for those who are undecided on which background to use but above all those who get tired easily but don't want to change it every time. The intent of Carosello Wallpapers is precisely to offer wallpapers that change dynamically every day and based on your tastes. Today I want to explain how to activate it and how to customize it ad hoc.

Carousel Wallpapers allows you to enrich the lock screen of your Xiaomi

First, you need to enable the Carousel Wallpapers option on your Xiaomi smartphone. Here's how to do it:

  • Go to "Settings / Always-on display and Lock screen"
  • Scroll down and select "Glance for Mi"
  • Click on the toggle "Attiva"

In this way, you will see all the options present in the MIUI to customize the Carousel Wallpapers appear. The first thing to do at this point is to let the application understand what your tastes are and make sure that themed wallpapers appear. To do this, click on "Glance image categories”And select the categories that best suit you. There are several: Entertainment, Food and Style, Games, Sports, Business, Cars and Motorcycles, Comedy, Curiosities, Health and Fitness, Nature, Science and Tech, Travel and Adventure and more.

In addition to the wallpapers chosen by Glance for Mi, you can also add to the rotation some of the photos you have taken or anyway images in the Gallery. Just select the item "Photo Gallery”And choose the most suitable ones, then choose“ Frequency of Gallery images ”and set how often one of your images replaces those of Carousel Wallpapers. By clicking on "Advanced”You can also choose whether to have wallpapers downloaded via data connection or not.

How to turn off Carousel Wallpapers

But what if you don't like the images of Carousel Wallpapers and you don't want to activate it on your Xiaomi? Obviously you just need to not activate the Glance for Mi option, but it may not be enough. Yes, because from time to time Xiaomi may send you a notification to invite you to use this service.

To prevent this from happening, here's what to do:

  • Pull down the notification curtain
  • Press and hold on the Carousel Wallpaper notification
  • Click on the icon "Allow"
  • Confirm the limitation of notifications
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