This is how smartphones with graphene batteries are: Huawei, Xiaomi and OPPO take a cue?

smartphone battery graphene features huawei xiaomi oppo

Technology is advancing and smartphones are the mirror of this progressive advancement. Over time, the lack of certain materials to produce these devices leads brands to seek new solutions, perhaps even more environmentally sustainable. As in the case of a smartphone with a graphene battery, made by an American company and which could be the forerunner for Xiaomi, Huawei, OPPO and other Chinese brands.

Appear Inc. makes the smartphone with graphene battery: compactness and lightness for the future Xiaomi, Huawei and OPPO?

smartphone battery graphene features huawei xiaomi oppo 2

How is this smartphone composed? Made by the American Appear Inc., which has offices all over the world, especially in Asia, does not seem very different from what we are already used to seeing, especially top of the range. What seems particularly prominent is the compactness and, as the manufacturer claims, the lightness. This is because one graphene battery it should be lighter than the lithium ion one, but we have no concrete proof.

However, one thing is also known about the design, the thickness of the smartphone is more generous than the current ones, so net of lightness, you will have a sort of brick that Appear however presence with us curved display, which could only please Chinese manufacturers who aim to make their flagships with such a screen solution.

In fact, this smartphone may soon be commercialized, but Appear at the moment it has already postponed this event. Probably it will arrive in the first weeks of 2022, but by then the push of the Chinese brands may have already started, which like Huawei he is also studying a solution to replace silicon with graphene also i chipset (and which in the past had already hypothesized graphene batteries).

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