Roborock H7 review: the top-of-the-range cordless vacuum cleaner that is second to none

Robo Rock H7

The wireless vacuum cleaner market is getting wider and thanks to the many Asian manufacturers it is possible to buy some top of the range without necessarily spending money 600 over the euro. For this reason today we will tell you about the new Robo Rock H7, the spearhead of the Chinese company that integrates several improvements compared to the past generation, but with a much more interesting price.

How did he behave during our tests? We just have to find out in our full review!

Roborock H7 review

Unboxing - Roborock H7

The sales package of the Robo Rock H7 it is made of excellent white hardcover on which several photos of the product are represented with some of the main features. Inside there is the following equipment:

  • Roborock H7;
  • metal tube;
  • Brush with motorized roller;
  • Motorized anti-mite brush;
  • Extension tube in flexible plastic;
  • Crevice lance;
  • Lance big mouth
  • 2 dust bags;
  • User Manual;
  • Fast guide;
  • Equipped wall base;
  • Wall charger with European socket.

Great job from the company because they came up with one magnetic base in metal to which we can quickly attach the brushes in the package.

Design and construction

Once again, the Chinese company confirms its ability to produce elegant, modern and solid devices. In fact, the Robo Rock H7 has a appealing design, moderno and that makes the final consumer perceive its belonging to the high end of the market.

We find a nice alternation between the components anthracite gray e ruby red, which are emphasized by the opaque treatment of the surfaces. The body is made of plastic of excellent workmanship that does not tend to scratch even after 1 month of use, while the tube and other components are made of aluminum.

La construction therefore it is cared for down to the smallest detail, as we do not find imperfections, each part is solid and firm in its place and the assembly of the accessories takes place quickly with a simple click. Furthermore, for cleaning or replacing the internal components we can simply extract the various filters by hand.

The body of the Robo Rock H7 has a button that will allow us to adjust the suction power on 3 levels, the trigger to start cleaning, a button to block the suction without holding the trigger, a button to open and empty the tank and a OLED display on which we will be shown the status of the battery and the remaining autonomy, as well as the suction mode in use.

The Chinese company has managed to exploit the display in a very intelligent and practical way and this is a merit that must certainly be attributed to it and that could make the difference in this segment.

As for the maneuverability, the weight of just 1.46 kg makes this Robo Rock H7 extremely easy to use both in floor cleaning and "suspended" cleaning, that is when we use the other nozzles to vacuum above the furniture or in the most remote corners of the house.

Compared to the past generation the dirt container is made more capacious because it goes from 0.4 liters to 0.5 liters and this allows us to procrastinate on cleaning the machine, although I advise you to empty it at least every 3 days to keep performance high and not ruin it in the long run, but also because it is more hygienic.

Apart from this aspect, with a single click on the appropriate button it will be possible to empty the tank, which will release its flap from below and make its contents fall. I must say that I hardly ever intervened manually because the dirt got stuck.

In addition, for those who do not want to get their hands dirty there are also special bags that will collect the dirt at the moment of suction, so it will not spread throughout the tank, but just remove the bag.


  • Power Rating: 480W;
  • Suction power: 160 AW;
  • Filtering system: 5-phase filtering with multi-cyclonic system and double filters;
  • Container capacity: 0.5 L;
  • Noise: 75 dB;
  • Battery: 3610 mAh;
  • Charging time: 2.5 hours (approximately).

Suction power and operation

use the Robo Rock H7 it is really very simple, you just need to start the cleaning by pressing the button on the pistol handle and eventually block it with the side button to make it go automatically. At this point, by pressing the appropriate button under the display we can choose between 3 suction modes:

  • Eco mode: excellent for daily use where the dirt is not aggressive, but you want to keep the house tidy. This does not mean that it is not useful with thicker crumbs or heavier dirt, but only that it will take a couple of more passes to remove it;
  • Standard mode: the perfect combination of cleanliness, power and autonomy. In fact, this will be more than enough for standard daily use, as it will be able to remove both dust and dirt that are a little more difficult.
  • Mode Max: in this mode there is no dust, fine or coarse dirt to hold. At this power the product aspires to the highest levels and removes whatever is in front of it. I repeat: powder, rice, flour, sugar, cereals, croutons, pull everything up without thinking twice, obviously this affects the autonomy, but overall it is perfectly in line with the main competitors.

As for my use I have always preferred the Standard mode, because it managed to guarantee me satisfactory results and an autonomy that is more than enough for a home from about 100 sqm. Basically I was able to use it even for two days in a row without recharging it.

Obviously in the most critical moments the mode Max comes to our aid and tidies everything up in minutes, especially on difficult surfaces like carpets. In this regard, I would like to point out that the company has implemented the adaptive Boost mode, that is, when a carpet is detected, the suction power automatically increases to guarantee even more effective cleaning.

For the rest available there are also other brushes and nozzles that can be used on multiple surfaces and personally I found myself very well with all of them both for cleaning sofas and car seats, and for removing cobwebs and the like on the most corners. of the balcony.


Aboard Robo Rock H7 we find a battery from 3610 mAh non-removable that allows us to have aexcellent autonomy.

This obviously varies according to the suction mode used, but these are the times that can be obtained:

  • Eco mode: 90 minutes (suction power 15 AW);
  • Standard Mode: 45 minutes (suction power 45 AW);
  • Max mode: 8 minutes (160 AW suction power).

As for the latter, although it may seem to you poco, in reality we are faced with results in line with the competition, indeed theH7 it has on its side a rather quick recharge if you compare it to the capacity of its battery.

In fact, take it from the 0 to 100% they will hardly be needed 2 hours, an excellent result compared to the average of almost 4 hours which can be found among different competitors.

Finally, I found the display that shows us the extremely convenient and practical minutes of autonomy remaining, in such a way as to be more aware of the time available to finish the house cleaning.

Conclusions - Roborock H7

Difficult to find fault with Robo Rock H7, as once again the Chinese company has created a product with attention to the smallest details and definitely functional in everyday use. The suction is excellent, the magnetic base is very comfortable, the autonomy is very good and the look and feel is a true top of the range.

In fact, the Robo Rock H7 can compete with the biggest in the industry like products Dyson, but to a lower price. More in detail, the H7 is available in a range ranging from 299 450 to EUR based on the offers of the moment, a figure consistent with the functionality and goodness of the device.

However, on the occasion of the Single Day, 11.11 (11 November), it will be possible to buy it for approx 303 € using one of the following discount codes:

  • 35€ discount over € 300 with code: FAST35GO
    € 30 discount over € 250 with code: FAST30GO
    € 18 discount over € 150 with code : FAST18GO
    € 10 discount over € 80 with code: FAST10GO
    € 5 discount over € 40 with code: FAST5GO

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