Dreame H11 Max review: the evolution of cordless vacuum cleaners, also washes the floor

It is now well known that robot vacuum cleaners and floor cleaners are products designed to automate, as much as possible, not only the suction of dirt but also the washing of payments. But if there is one limitation of these devices, it is the fact that they cannot handle particularly dirty surfaces. True, they vacuum up the dust and all the specks and yes, they polish the floor, but when they find themselves having to clean the most stubborn stains, they start to get into trouble. Then there are the cordless cyclonic vacuum cleaners, which have exceptional suction power, but which then require a lot of elbow grease to wash floors in the traditional way.

And then there are products like new Dreame H11 Max which could be defined as a sort of union of the two worlds because ok, they are not automatic, but they could be interpreted as a sort of fusion of these two categories: the brand new Dreame vacuum cleaner works with water, has a suction power of 10000 Pa, it really washes the floors and cleans itself on its free-standing base, on which it is also able to recharge.

Dreame H11 Max review: the evolution of cordless vacuum cleaners, it can wash the floor

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Package Contents

Il Dreame H11 Max it is not the first example of its category, but it is definitely the most cared for. As well as all the other floor cleaning vacuum cleaners, the packaging of the new device of the company born under the protective wing of Xiaomi is definitely bulky and well cared for.

Inside we find:

  • Dreame H11 Max;
  • Additional HEPA filter;
  • Cleaning tool;
  • Charging and washing base;
  • Power supply;
  • Instruction manual.

Design and materials

Il Dreame H11 Max it is characterized by the typical shape of cyclonic cordless vacuum cleaners but, given its nature, in terms of design, the appearance is very different from the slender and slender one of the vast majority of wireless vacuum cleaners. It is much larger and slightly heavier than average, it does not allow the brush to be replaced in favor of the many accessories that we have now come to know and the only motorized brush is larger than usual. The reason is clearly the technology that animates it: it integrates two water tanks and the motorized brush is larger to allow the suction of liquids on the floor.

And precisely because of its nature, the Dreame H11 Max it is not equipped with any traditional dirt container: thanks to the water, everything that will be sucked up will be brought into the container with the liquid, which will make general cleaning of the vacuum cleaner much simpler, more functional and less tedious to carry come on.

La construction It is made of rigid plastic of excellent workmanship and thanks to its motorized components it will also have a substantial weight, or about 4 kg, but don't be scared: the handle is perfectly ergonomic and the roller of the motorized brush has such a grip as to greatly facilitate the cleaning movement which, practically, will drag it on the floor, eliminating any possible effort.

In short, its massive appearance and its rather high weight are two decidedly deceptive elements: in reality the Dreame H11 Max it is a very simple device to use, even with one hand. It is true, however, that, given the size of the brush, it cannot be "slipped" under the lowest furniture or in the most confined spaces.

The power button of the product has been positioned directly on the handle and a large LCD display has also been integrated with which you can check the cleaning mode currently active, the status of the battery and its recharge, and a whole series of information with which the vacuum cleaner will communicate with the user in case of need for cleaning, obstruction of the circuits or the need to search for the water tank.

And precisely with regard to the two tanks, in the Dreame H11 Max there is a good news: one of the two is larger than the other products in the category. Because if it is true that the dirty water container continues to be 500 ml (a standard capacity in the sector), the clean water container is 900 ml.

For the rest all the components are easily removable e washable, both by hand and through the automated process (later we will see it better). This once again confirms the ease of use and cleaning.

Suction and washing

Il Dreame H11 Max it is able to guarantee a maximum suction power of 10000 Pa, that is practically double that guaranteed by the “non Max” version of the company.

There are two suction modes, but the only one intended for real floor cleaning (dirt suction and washing) is the automatic one with which, thanks to a series of sensors, the Dreame H11 Max will be able to analyze the amount of dirt that is sucked up, in order to independently set the best suction power.

The second mode, on the other hand, is intended exclusively for vacuuming liquids: if water, milk or any other product in liquid form falls on the floor, by activating this mode it can be vacuumed without any problem, leaving the surface dry.

And ok, if the vacuum cleaner gives its best at maximum suction power, my advice is to always use it in automatic mode: in this way you will have sufficient suction and a better battery life.

But regardless of the cleaning mode used (I, for safety, I always use the maximum one), in these days of testing with the Dreame H11 Max I found myself very well, and the idea of ​​washing and vacuuming at the same time is brilliant: unlike robot vacuum cleaners and floor cleaners that perform a polishing (and not washing) action, with the Dreame H11 Max all stains will go away, although it may take several passes in areas with more complex dirt, before completely removing the residue. And it also works very well with hair and pet hair: this is probably the scenario in which you realize the advantages of using a water system because, once cleaning is finished, just empty the water tank and give it a rinse.

In short, the Dreame H11 Max is one of those almost universal vacuum cleaners, which can be used on practically any type of surface: it has no problem with ceramic, terracotta, parquet and so on although, and this must be said, although it is also able to clean short-pile rugs and carpets, my advice is to avoid using it with these particular materials because not only could they remain "damp" after washing, which absolutely does not happen with hard surfaces, but the dirt that is positioned in the thickest layer bass may not be fully vacuumed.

Either way, once you've finished cleaning the floor, it's time for one of the most convenient functions of the Dreame H11 Max: self-cleaning. Using it is very simple: at the end of a cleaning (or if the indicator lights up), just place the vacuum cleaner on the charging base, empty the dirty water container and fill the clean water container and press the dedicated button.

In a few moments the Dreame H11 Max it will start to self-clean itself, and will do so using just the water, in order to eliminate any residual dirt not only from the suction circuit, but also from the motorized brush. Fantastic.

Battery life

The autonomy of the battery integrated in the Dreame H11 Max it's pretty good. With the automatic vacuum mode you can use the vacuum cleaner for about 30 minutes and yes, that's more than enough time to clean medium-sized rooms. Of course, with the more powerful suction mode, the autonomy could drop faster, but one thing must be very clear to you: the battery is certainly not the most limiting factor of this type of vacuum cleaner.

In reality, in surfaces larger than about 60 square meters, it will be necessary to refill (and empty) the water container in order to continue cleaning the floor: and this is the only price to have to pay when deciding to use such products.

The charging times are in line with all the other products in the sector: for a full charge, from 0% to 100%, it could take about 4 hours.

Price and considerations

The official selling price of the Dreame H11 Max is 579 dollars, but with the coupon (found below) you could buy it at a discount with the early Bird promotion at 399 dollars (including tax). We are therefore talking about approx 326,40 € and let's be clear: spending this amount for a product capable of vacuuming, washing (for real) and self-cleaning could be the turning point.

The advantages of this vacuum cleaner are many, it is powerful, it is comfortable to use, it does not generate dust when cleaning and it is able not only to really wash the floors, but also to clean itself completely autonomously. And yes, Dreame has made a great effort in trying to make the water containers more capacious but, unfortunately, for large rooms it will be necessary to fill and empty them several times. But in my opinion it is a more than bearable burden to be able to vacuum and wash in one go.

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