The Realme updates policy makes for discussion

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After OnePlus, also Realme has decided to reveal more details about his updates policy. Whenever the topic of Android updates is touched, the situation becomes thorny for most of the brands in the sector. Also for this, I decided to create an article with which to understand which is the most deserving producer in this respect. Unfortunately, it certainly cannot be said that Realme is among the best, as the company has not proved extremely reactive in updating its devices, especially outside China.

Realme publishes its update policy, but there is no shortage of criticism

When we talk about Realme, we are talking about one of the most successful producers in the current telephone landscape. To prove it are the sales data published by Counterpoint Research, highlight the enormous growth that the brand has experienced in just 3 years. From 47th place in the year of its debut, it even managed to move up to 6th place in Q2 2021. Numbers that place it a few steps from the top 5 of the global ranking of producers, just behind very close realities such as OPPO and vivo. And if Realme has succeeded in this intent, it is also thanks to the quantity of models that make up its telephone catalog. But you know, the more smartphones there are, the more models there are to keep up to date.

Realme being a relatively small company in the team that composes it, the software team that takes care of the Realme UI cannot count on a staff so large as to compensate for some of the shortcomings seen so far. Of course, it should be emphasized that the Realme UI is basically a resking of OPPO mother's ColorOS, therefore the work to be done is substantially less than that of taking care of a truly proprietary UI.

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In light of all of this, Realme has made public its updates policy, announcing that it will only provide two years of maintenance updates on their smartphones. He then went on to specify that 6-month-old phones will receive monthly updates, while older ones every two months. Updates for the latter will focus on optimization, i.e. security patches and any software bug fixes.

How this will affect the Android version update policy is still unclear. But if so much gives us so much, it is plausible that Realme does not go beyond the two major Android updates on its devices. Also, everything you just read was said by Realme's parent division, so it's about software management in China. We will see how this is reflected in Europe, where updates very often arrive late compared to Asia.

Meanwhile, Realme maintains an overall modest management of updates, Xiaomi he started to promise 4 years of updates e Samsung release at least 2 major updates on its models. In addition, one wonders if the merger between OnePlus and OPPO it will also be reflected on future of Realme UI or less.

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