OxygenOS 12 almost official: all the news of the new OnePlus UI

oneplus oxygenos 12

Recently the latest flagships of the Chinese brand they received the first Open Beta version dedicated to the new proprietary interface of the Chinese brand. Still not available for all models (obviously) and a presentation date is still missing (even if the most plausible hypothesis points to the month of October) but it is still a good opportunity to take a look at the news of the future update for smartphones OnePlus: here's what awaits us with the next one OxygenOS 12, Based on Android 12!

OnePlus and OxygenOS 12: all the news announced

oneplus oxygenos 12

Burdenless Design & Zen Mode

The Chinese company has announced a renewal of its interface in terms of style, with greater attention to the play of light and shadow. A first taste of this novelty is given to us by Zen mode, which shows improved and more elegant screens.

oneplus oxygenos 12

The same goes for the section Private Safe - designed to keep data such as images, videos, audios, documents and more safe in a virtual lockbox - which shows precisely this change of style.

Shelf and OnePlus Scout

oneplus oxygenos 12

The section Shelf becomes even richer, with many customizable options and integration with both OnePlus Watch and earphones. As for the function Scout - which is now making its global debut after testing in India - this is a revamped version of the search bar. This allows you to quickly find anything on your smartphone (documents, contacts, music, web information, etc.), complete with a voice search function.

OnePlus Note

oneplus oxygenos 12

The application Notes change style and gain new formatting tools and support for the Drawing function, to draw and make sketches or quick notes.

Work Life Balance 2.0

oneplus oxygenos 12

The feature allows you to easily switch between app notification profiles based on time, location or Wi-Fi hotspot. Through Work Life Balance you can set up a work account to reduce distractions. Favorite apps can only be allowed during breaks, so you are in complete control and work (or study) at peak concentration.

Dark Mode 2.0

oneplus oxygenos 12

The new version of Dark Mode gains support for 3 levels of adjustment, so you can choose your preferred mode (between a gray background in two shades or a completely black one).

AOD Canvas

oneplus oxygenos 12

The Canvas function of the Always-On Display becomes even more precise thanks to the new optimizations: new colors and more customizations and an improved final effect (also with the possibility of removing the strokes that have not been made correctly).

More news

Among the other novelties of OnePlus OxygenOS 12 there will be the ability to turn off the app limit, a function loudly requested (but we still do not have confirmation of its implementation) after the controversy of some time ago and accused of castrating the performance of their smartphones.

As soon as the new UI is official we will update this article with all the details, along with the list of smartphones that will receive the much-needed update.

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