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eksa gt1

Like a bolt from the blue, a new brand arrives on the market. It is not the first time that we try one of their products but with EKSA GT1 the company wanted to raise the bar again, at least in intentions. This new pair of Bluetooth earphones, in fact, was designed essentially for gamers and for those who love to listen to good music. This combination may sound strange, but that's exactly what these headphones offer, integrating the functions music mode e Gaming Mode. Therefore, they are added to the myriad of products on the market which, in certain respects, often have a similar quality-price ratio. Let's see, therefore, if these GT1s can aspire to be elected as the best bluetooth gaming headphones. Stay tuned to this one Full review to find out.

EKSA GT1 review


Taking a look at the sales package we notice the presence, on the front, of the product name and an image of the same. There are no surprises, therefore, regarding the packaging compared to what is seen on other models of the brand. Beyond this, however, in the sales box we find the following accessories:

  • EKSA GT1;
  • USB / USB Type-C cable for charging the case;
  • plastic case, with RGB LEDs and USB Type-C input;
  • spare rubber pads of various sizes: S, M, L;
  • short instruction manual, in English.

Design & Materials

Since this brand entered the market it has always offered very particular devices, all with rather interesting features. Therefore, these GT1s are absolutely no exception, displaying truly distinctive designs and shapes. Observing them, in fact, we notice a shape that is inspired by the spaceships of the future, the ones we often see in science fiction films. From a certain point of view, in fact, it almost seems to see the face of an alien or a helmet, showing typical details of a product dedicated exclusively to gaming. In fact, they emerge from the case two LED strips that run along part of the front profile and simply indicate the charging status of the headphones. On the back, however, there is only the entrance USB Type-C for charging. Although the plastic is quite slippery as well poco ergonomic, the case is comfortable to hold and, with a little effort, can even be opened with one hand. In any case, it remains a light device that ultimately, including headphones, weighs only 54 grams.

eksa gt1

I must admit that the individual headphones almost do not feel once worn: I tried to weigh them and the scale returned me a value of about 4 grams. I can therefore only express all my satisfaction in this regard and tell you, among other things, that they are perhaps among the most comfortable of all. Lately, in fact, I had not yet tried bluetooth headsets that after a few hours they wouldn't bother me. I remind you, then, that with their in-ear design they may not please many users. Be careful, however, because you could also change your mind. These headphones, in fact, are made in plastic with a mix of glossy and matte material that gives it a premium effect. In addition to reporting the brand name, therefore, these earphones also mount two RGB LEDs that simply indicate the status of the headphones themselves. During their use, in fact, they flash blue to indicate the fact that they are fully functional and connected to our smartphone.

By carefully observing the individual earphones, we note the presence of LEDs as well as a lower part dedicated to gestures and, internally, magnetic pins for charging. As mentioned above, i rubbers spare parts come in three sizes (S, M, L) and it is not difficult to find the perfect ones for your ear. Most likely, in fact, thanks to the particular design of these headphones I have not had the slightest discomfort and I have never risked losing them from my ears.

Connectivity & Compatibility

By clicking on the official website you can find the technical specifications of the product, also reported in the instruction booklet. According to these characteristics, therefore, these EKSA GT1s have a module Bluetooth 5.0 which allows us to communicate quickly and efficiently with our smartphone. We just need to enter the settings, go to Bluetooth and search for new devices nearby. These operations, however, are only necessary the first time you connect the headphones to the phone: in everyday use, after connecting them as soon as they come out of the package, they will perform the pairing automatic. I remind you, in fact, that by extracting one of the two units from the case, the connection with the smartphone will automatically occur.

eksa gt1

Obviously, no detail is specified on the site compatibility with the systems currently on the market. These headphones, in fact, can be easily connected to Mac, Windows, gaming consoles, laptops and much more. Just scan the nearby devices from the Bluetooth settings, and that's it. For example, from poco Nintendo Switch offers the possibility to connect headphones of this type and, in fact, I have not registered any kind of problem. The connection with our device is almost instantaneous, allowing us to be immediately operational.

As on many other similar devices these headphones deliver touch controls placed directly on the earphones. So, with three consecutive touches it is possible to activate Google Assistant, with a single touch we have the Play / Pause option and with two touches we switch from “Music Mode” to “Gaming Mode”. During calls, however, with a single touch you accept the call, while with a double tap it closes. In this respect, therefore, I believe that the response given by this device is satisfactory, which has always proved to be quick and reactive in the response: unlike other products, in fact, these earphones are among the most responsive to a single touch.

Audio & Calls

On an audio level, this brand has not yet managed to disappoint me. This is a very positive aspect, obviously essential for a product made for this purpose. Even on this device, therefore, I must say that I felt a good body of sound, not necessarily privileging the medium and high frequencies. Here, therefore, are also present in a tangible way bassi, making the audio even deeper. As mentioned in the initial phase, then, these EKSA GT1s integrate two different modes: music mode e Gaming Mode. These differ from each other, however, only in terms of sound equalization rather than latency. With video games, therefore, we have more spatial and deeper audio available. I must admit, however, that i 38ms of latency declared by the company itself were not respected properly: during a classic match a Call of Duty Mobile, for example, there is a certain discrepancy between our actions and the moment in which they are reproduced in the headphones. I'm not saying it's impossible to play with these headphones but the latency definitely ruins the experience.

eksa gt1

During the calls I have never experienced any major problems. In slightly more crowded places, however, my interlocutor complained a little too much buzz which made conversation more difficult as a result. Sometimes, then, the audio turned out to be a bit tinny, nothing that forced me to end the call anyway.


Each single headphone hides a battery from 50 mAh which allows us to easily overcome 5 hours playing songs at medium volume. Going to further raise the volume, however, the autonomy drops significantly, in some cases not exceeding 4 hours and 30 minutes of ignition. Do not worry, in any case, because the case supplied in the package comes to the rescue which with its 500 mAh recharges the earphones in 1 hour and 30 minutes. With it, therefore, we can obviously do several charging cycles before necessarily having to connect it to the current.

They are not the best headphones in this respect but I believe that with such autonomy it is still possible to end a few hours of gaming in total tranquility.

Price & Conclusions

At what price are these EKSA GT1s sold? The company offers them for an amount equal to approximately 40 €.

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42 €

We have really come to the end of this review and I want to leave you with some reflections. How many of you, among those who often use the smartphone to play games like Call of Duty Mobile or Asphalt 9, wear headphones? I would sincerely like to know because I think the point of the matter is right here. Those who don't like immersive sound will probably not choose this product. Those who, on the other hand, cannot do without video games, or listen to music, with a pair of headphones in their ears could also consider these GT1s. They are not the best on the market but they defend themselves well, especially at the audio level, ultimately offering a decent quality-price ratio.

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Audio Quality & Microphone
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review-eksa-gt1 Like a bolt from the blue, a new brand arrives on the market. It is not the first time that we try one of their products but with EKSA GT1 the company wanted to raise the bar again, at least in intentions. This new pair of Bluetooth earphones, in fact, ...