EKSA E910 review: the 5.8 GHz wireless gaming headset perfect for PS5, but not only

eksa e910

News of September 15, 2021: Nintendo Switch can finally be linked to a couple of wireless earphones. Even the Kyoto house, therefore, has conformed to the market by adding this function to its flagship console after several years. A real shot in the arm for fans of Super Mario games, and more. Taking a look at this sector, however, this update is a bit anachronistic, given that for some time it is possible to connect these audio devices on all media. It is therefore not surprising that today there are many brands able to offer quality peripherals both on computers and on the console world. And I'm not talking about the latest releases on the market. Reason why the new ones EKSA-E910, Chinese-style gaming headsets, could outperform the competition for their value for money and, above all, for extended compatibility. Besides PlayStation 5In fact, this accessory can be connected to Windows 7/8/10, Xbox One, PS4, laptop, Mac and, among others, Nintendo Switch. Would you like to know more? So stay tuned with us and follow this Full review.

EKSA E910 review


Taking a look at the packaging you instantly understand what type of product it is: these are gaming headsets, as is also reported on the packaging. There are many different colors and this aspect is emphasized, as the image printed on the front also shows. Inside the sales box, therefore, there is space for the following accessories:

  • EKSA E910, the wireless gaming headset;
  • 5.8GHz USB receiver;
  • 3.5mm audio cable;
  • leather case, for carrying the headphones;
  • USB / USB Type-C charging cable;
  • instruction manual, also in Italian.

Design & Materials

As can also be seen from the sales package, these headphones follow a certain trend, namely that of gaming accessories. As on many other similar devices, therefore, also in this case we find rather avant-garde lines and, obviously, many lights. Indeed, this is one of those models that in this respect shows off almost nothing, offering a truly captivating but essential design. Just take a look at the two ear cups, on the outside, characterized by a polygonal surface in relief that is certainly pleasing to the eye. This is perforated, so once the headphones are turned on, it reveals the company logo, illuminated by several LED reds. Let's say, therefore, that these headphones certainly do not go unnoticed in this respect. Let's see, then, how the company has opted for the polycarbonate in terms of materials, including the internal pavilions and the headband which are coated with a slightly softer surface. The latter, to be more precise, is covered with real leather, while the earmuffs are made of synthetic leather.

eksa e910

Taking a look at the official website it is not possible to trace the exact dimensions of the product. Despite this, however, I can tell you that they are no bigger than what can be found on the market within its own category. They turn out to be, therefore, quite solid and well built, also showing some noteworthy details: from the two pavilions the coiled audio cables come out and rejoin the upper headband and the cushions have been embellished with the presence of the red color and the letters “R” and “L” to indicate the direction in which they should be worn. Another important detail, then, is the presence of an internal metal structure that runs through the entire upper arch until it leads to the attack of the two pavilions, allowing their longitudinal movement.

These gaming headphones are comfortable to wear, so much so that even after several uses they do not give any discomfort. Probably thanks to the materials, as well as the external components that have been added to it. In addition to the possibility of extracting the microphone, to interact with other users, on the left side reside the volume control, the button of ON / OFF, the button "Muto"And the entrance USB Type-C for charging.

eksa e910

Connectivity & Compatibility

I must admit that this is an unusual choice but this brand has decided to opt for a wireless connection to 5.8 GHz. What does it mean? This means that the headphones, which obviously are wireless, communicate with a special USB dongle at a frequency of 5.8 GHz, therefore different from the more classic 2.4 GHz. Despite this, the signal is always stable and does not suffer from any disturbance or malfunction, so the choice turned out to be a winning one. Furthermore, I would like to point out how the connection speed is practically instantaneous: once the USB dongle to our device, whether it is console or PC, this will immediately connect to the headphones, almost without delay.

eksa e910

As mentioned also in the presentation phase, these are potentially universal gaming headsets given their versatility. According to what the company has declared, in fact, they are compatible with PlayStation 5, Windows 7/8/10, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Laptop, Mac and from poco, also with Nintendo Switch. Just connect the USB receiver to one of these peripherals and that's it. I don't have such a large number of products available but I can tell you that on Mac, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch (only in TV mode) these EKSA E910s work perfectly. In fact, I was particularly surprised at the connection speed and the absence of latency. All essential features for a product that, in the end, cannot be wired without the 3,5 mm audio jack.

Audio & Microphone

Going a little more specifically, these gaming headphones allow you to enjoy excellent sound. I must say, in fact, that I was surprised by the quality expressed in the headphones, with high volume and bassi very present. These characteristics, therefore, contribute to making this product complete and with a deep sound, completely isolating it from the external context. Thanks also to the two pavilions, in fact, you will not hear any other external noise during the game sessions, being able to concentrate 100% on your game.

eksa e910

There are not many audio settings available: by clicking on the on / off button it is possible to switch to the 7.1 Virtual Sounds which enhances the in-game experience. Beyond this, however, there is still no possibility to customize your audio profile as reported on the official website. Or rather, the possibility exists only if you have a Windows PC, since it is possible to access some dedicated audio settings thus modulating various parameters. By clicking on this link you can directly download the file to your computer.

With the microphone you have the opportunity to talk to your friends during multiplayer sessions while enjoying good enough sound. Obviously it is not at the level of professional products but for normal use it can be just fine.


On board these EKSA E910s we find one battery da 1.200 mAh which with volume at 70% guarantees us up to almost 10 hours of autonomy. Keeping the volume higher, however, it is clear that the autonomy drops considerably. Let's say that it is positive that, once discharged, they can still be used with the charging cable connected. Beyond this aspect, however, it takes about 3 hours and 30 minutes to go from 0 to 100%.

Price & Conclusions

We come to the price, as these EKSA E910s are currently being sold on eksa.net at the price of 66,08 €, with our coupon EKSAVIP. I remind you, however, that you can buy them by clicking on the badge below.

Take advantage of the exclusive coupon for GizChina.it now and buy the new wireless gaming headphones, the EKSA E910! More Less

Let's say that after all these headphones are among the most versatile on the market, being able to be easily connected to various peripherals. Some are not even specified but, ultimately, I have no doubt that they could still work. For example, I personally connected the USB receiver to a Samsung TV and I still got an excellent result, with zero latency. This is its real strength, versatility, but not only. In terms of quality, they are among the best for value for money, offering more than satisfactory performance in all conditions.

In conclusion, I recommend that you take them seriously because they offer a complete and perfect package for non-professional gaming.

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Design & Materials
Ease of use
Audio Quality & Microphone
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review-eksa-e910 News of September 15, 2021: Nintendo Switch can finally be connected to a pair of wireless headphones. Even the Kyoto house, therefore, has conformed to the market by adding this function to its flagship console after several years. A real shot in the arm for ...