DJI Ronin 4D: the new professional gimbal is official in Italy

dji ronin 4D italia features price

We have known DJI for years for its high-end drones, but also for the accessories dedicated to multimedia, such as the gimbal. And if theOM5 is designed for a more standard user, the new DJI Ronin 4D is meant for professional level shooting.

DJI Ronin 4D: all about the new professional gimbal for film shooting

dji ronin 4D italia features price 2


DJI Ronin 4D boasts an original design, made of carbon fiber and aluminum alloy; the frame integrates all imaging, stabilization and focusing systems, as well as wireless transmission and control. This avoids time-consuming setups and allows for faster shooting.

Imaging system

The new 4D ronin is equipped with Zenmuse X9, DJI's full-frame camera and also includes the brand's latest processing system, CineCore 3.0 which, using the proprietary chip to provide advanced processor architecture, offers very high computing power and allows the gimbal to support internal video recording in Apple ProRes RAW, ProRes 422 HQ and H.264.

DJI Ronin 4D also supports video recording up to 8K / 75fps and 4K / 120fps, offering multiple professional-grade creation options.


Il DCI 8K video (8192 × 4320) / 60 fps allows you to keep every detail. For those who need to produce in 4K, 8K recording offers creative options and more flexibility for video trimming, re-composing and stabilization.

Great opportunities also from the point of view of ISO: Zenmuse X9, in fact, supports dual native ISO (X9-8K: 800/4000; X9-6K: 800/5000), and is capable of recording images with great details and minimal noise, even when shooting an evening urban scenery or a beach, as well as a scene illuminated by the dim light of a candle.

With a really extended dynamic rangeFurthermore, Zenmuse X9 offers natural transitions of light and shadow in complex lighting conditions, such as backlit scenes and in direct sunlight. These traditionally difficult scenes can now be captured more easily and with greater confidence.

Wireless control

Whether you're using manual or autofocus lenses, the dedicated modules docked on the X9 can acquire wireless control of the lens and even autofocus.

Other technical specifications

DJI Ronin 4D, in addition to the specifications already mentioned, it uses a focusing system LiDAR, of a stabilization system a 4 axis, 9-stop ND filters, stabilized camera, learning technology ActiveTrack Pro, a tri-band video transmission, a 5.5 ″ 1000 nit monitor and a slot memory CFExpress Type-B.

DJI Ronin 4D - Price and availability Italy

The new DJI Ronin 4D professional gimbal will be available on the Italian market at the beginning of December with the following prices: the 6K / 60 fps at a cost of €7.059, while the maximum version 8K / 75 fps arrives at €11.099. The remaining details can be found at this link.

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