New historical low for the 360 ​​S10 robot on offer from Italy

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Robot vacuum cleaners are now divided into "quality / price" and "top of the range with high performance", but it happens sometimes that we are faced with a model that is really in the middle. And this is the case with the 360 S10 robot vacuum cleaner, which is in offering at the least historical with discount code su Geekbuying and above all it is equipped with shipping from Italy.

360 S10: the robot vacuum cleaner is on offer at an all-time low with a discount code on Geekbuying

discount code 360 ​​s10 robot vacuum cleaner coupon offer 2

The design, on the outside, is not that far from the other robot models of the brand, but at a closer look, we notice a difference: the spaces used for laser detection (LiDAR) are 3 and not one as usual. This is because the navigation of this S10 is totally revolutionized by creating a 3D vision powered by AI, since we have a central sensor LDS e 2 OLS sensors, so as to have a mapping like never before for this type of product.

Among other things, there is the excellent and renewed SLAM algorithm, which has now improved a lot, such as for the obstacles which are now avoided 300% more. For software, it is available 360 Robot OS 10.0, With the Carpet Cleaning Mode 4.0 el 'Intelligent Virtual Wall 3.0. Moving on to the technical specifications, we have a maximum suction power up to 3.300 Pa divided into 4 modes, with a 5.000 mAh, a container for the dust from 500ml and an engine from 68W. Finally, there is the floor cleaning function with a water tank from 520ml. Nothing is missing.

Find the robot vacuum cleaner 360 S10 immediately on offer at an all-time low on Geekbuying, obtainable thanks to discount code dedicated. In addition, there is the convenient free shipping from Italy, which makes it an even more captivating product.

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