AKKO Tokyo R2 review: a touch of Japan at the desk

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Over time, mechanical keyboards have become one of the most requested productivity and gaming accessories, for many factors. If then they are like the AKKO Tokyo R2 mechanical keyboard protagonist of this review, then it is clear that everything becomes more attractive and above all for a wider audience.

AKKO Tokyo R2 Review | 61-key mechanical keyboard

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Package Contents

The packaging of the AKKO Tokyo R2 mechanical keyboard in review is definitely in line with what we should expect from the product itself. In fact, we can see references to Japan (as the name suggests), while inside, in addition to the keyboard, we find one pin to remove the buttons and the Type-C power cable, totally matching the product itself.

Design and materials

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The beauty of this AKKO it is right in his design. Very compact, well optimized and above all harmoniously colored between the dominant pink and mostly white keys alternated to a lesser extent by function keys in pink and the others with Japanese decorations (in total 61). A real gem there space bar with the Mount Fuji. As for the materials, the feel is premium, despite being all polycarbonate. The cable is also of excellent workmanship, which does not give us the cheap feeling and is close to that of other brands in the sector.


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The highlight of this review is obviously related to the operation area of AKKO Tokyo R2. The keyboard stroke it is of medium speed and you can write well despite being compact in size (or rather, for those who have tried it it was so as it has larger hands). Let's face it, it is clearly a keyboard designed for an audience with a more slender and fine build, we would dare to say feminine.

The function keys could be a problem if you do not learn precisely how to navigate between the Macro functions and those for theRGB lighting (which we found very pleasant, especially for the fact that it can be adjusted). Example: directional crosses are missing, but you can work around with Fn + WASD depending on where you want to move.

AKKO Tokyo R2 Review - Price and Conclusions

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At the end of this review, it is necessary to clearly identify who this goes to AKKO mechanical keyboard. Being very compact, it can guarantee a certain productivity, but perhaps it can be considered more by those who want to play, obviously not in a professional way, due to the fact that the keys are only 61 and above all they are personalized with allegorical representations. This, however, is the speech that must be made out-of-the-box, because if you change the keys to your liking, the subject changes (they are sold separately).

And looking at the price, that's it Banggood is currently around 66 € thanks to the exclusive discount code, we realize that it can be seen as a very welcome gift for a girl who approaches the world of streamer, accustomed to very colorful workstations or even to a user who loves Japan, as the keyboard Tokyo R2 it is markedly inspired. But the question is: does it cost too much, does it cost the right? We tend for the second hypothesis, because it is a particular product and all in all it is also good, but do not expect one Razer.

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