Smart projectors at attractive prices with the Wiibuying offer

1080p android smart projectors offer wiibuying discount code october 2021

I projectors, sort of last generation, they are always more expensive, but thanks to stores like Wiibuying and its offerings, this situation can change. In fact, the smart projector models V6 Pro e V3 Pro (with Android), I'm now on offering with a dedicated discount code at a very attractive price.

V6 Pro and V3 Pro: here's how to get discounted projectors with the Wiibuying offer

1080p android smart projectors offer wiibuying discount code october 2021 2
V3 Pro

Before knowing and how to apply the discount code for these products, let's first illustrate their peculiar characteristics. Starting from the model V6 Pro, we are talking about a more standard projector, but with top-of-the-range features. In fact, we have a RK3326 chipset which allows smooth performance, but also a LED light source, framing correction, a auto focus without the need for a sensor, a function from Bluetooth speaker and a 1080p resolution with HDR to 120 ″ in 1.19: 1. Finally, there is also the Wi-Fi connection.

If we want something smarter (but only for some additional functions) instead, Wiibuying offers on offer the V3 Pro projector, equipped with a system Android 9.0. What does this mean? That you can download the applications you want, especially those dedicated to streaming services. In addition to this we have touch controls at the top, then there is the possibility of having a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi audio. The maximum diagonal is up to 150 ″ with 1080p resolution and auto focus.

Then find the projectors V6 Pro e V3 Pro now on super offer on the Wiibuying, this thanks to the dedicated discount code and above all with the convenience of shipping from warehouses in Europe.

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V6 Pro - 1080p Projector | Wiibuying
V3 Pro - Android Projector | Wiibuying

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