DisplayMate rewards the Xiaomi 11T Pro screen

xiaomi 11t pro displaymate

After talking about a possible flaw di Xiaomi 11t e 11T Pro, let us give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. Or rather, it is not us who give it but the boys of DisplayMate, assigning the maximum grade A + to its panel. Nowadays, the display represents one of the most critical elements in the perception of quality of smartphones, under several profiles. Everything we see every day passes through the display, whether it's social networks, multimedia content and photos and videos that we make every day.

The Xiaomi 11T Pro panel was incensed by the DisplayMate team

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Especially when you find yourself in front of a smartphone of a certain value (and price), you expect a visual quality at the height. And it is so in the case of Xiaomi 11T and 11T Pro, on which we find a DotDisplay screen AMOLED da 6,67 "Full HD + in 20: 9 with HDR10 + 10-bit support, Dolby Vision, MEMC and DCI-P3. Not to mention the 120Hz refresh rate with 480Hz touch sampling and Gorilla Glass Victus protection.

According to DisplayMate's evaluation, if the screen of the Xiaomi 11T family is able to obtain the A + score it is thanks to the achievement of 14 record. Here they are below:

  1. Highest absolute color accuracy (0,4 JNCD for sRGB and 0,3 JNCD for DCI-P3)
  2. Minimum maximum color error (1.3 JNCD for sRGB and 1.0 JNCD for DCI-P3)
  3. Smallest change in color accuracy with APL (0,3 JNCD for sRGB and 0,4 JNCD for DCI-P3)
  4. Minimum maximum color variation with APL (0,5 JNCD for sRGB and 0,5 JNCD for DCI-P3)
  5. Highest Image Contrast Accuracy and Intensity Scale Accuracy (2,20 gamma)
  6. Minimal change in image contrast and intensity scale with APL (0,00 gamma)
  7. Minimal variation in peak luminance with APL (2%)
  8. Full screen brightness for OLED smartphones (802 nits at 100% APL)
  9. Maximum peak display brightness (1.103 nits for low APL)
  10. Widest native color gamut (116% DCI-P3 and 145% sRGB / Rec.709 for saturated color mode)
  11. Higher contrast ratio (infinite)
  12. Lower screen reflection (4,3%)
  13. Maximum contrast value in ambient light (187 for 100% APL and 257 for peak brightness)
  14. Minimal brightness variation with viewing angle (25% at 30 degrees)

If you are interested in consulting the complete analysis with all the measurements and data in detail with the various technicalities, we refer you to the DisplayMate page.

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