Teclast T40 Plus review: economical, solid and functional

teclast t40 plus

What is the future of the tablets nobody knows, or almost. Most likely, the most listed companies, in fact, are aware of the direction that this sector will take or, at least, they imagine it. According to what has been produced in recent months, however, especially by the less famous brands, it seems that the crisis must keep us waiting a little longer. Even within our site, therefore, we were almost inundated with reviews of these devices. Many of which have an almost disarming quality-price ratio. It is therefore not surprising that a brand like Teclast has immediately returned to the rescue by proposing an even more attractive solution, presenting the new Teclast T40 Plus. Although the design is slightly inspired by the latest iPads, this device promises greater performance than some of its latest terminals, such as M40 Pro. Even in this case, however, we find the usual Unisoc T618 to command everything, so a question arises: will the company's technicians be able to make this processor to the maximum? Stay tuned within ours Full review to know more.

Teclast T40 Plus review


As always Teclast does not contradict itself, proposing a recycled cardboard packaging where the colors white and orange dominate. Inside this packaging there are the following accessories:

  • Teclast T40 Plus;
  • USB / USB Type-C cable for charging and data transfer;
  • wall power supply, with European socket;
  • short instruction manual, also in English;
  • pin for removing the SIM slot;
  • warranty certificate.

Design & Materials

On the part of Teclast there has not been a leap forward in this respect, since in the end even this tablet is the result of the mixture of metal and plastic materials. I must say that I appreciated enough, however, the whole rear profile which for more than half of its surface is coated with aluminum, and then passes with a clear detachment to plastic. This choice, in any case, is justified by the presence of different antennas for LTE connectivity which, therefore, must allow the tablet to connect properly with the satellites. As if that weren't enough, then, the design closely follows the shapes of the most recent iPads, offering square shapes that are much more angular than in the past. I like it more overall and I'm glad the company opted for this choice, as it also makes it more ergonomic and less slippery. It is necessary to consider, in fact, that the dimensions are still important, when measuring 248 x 157 x 10 mm, with a total weight of approx 455 grams. It is not as light as you might think but, despite the expectations, it is quite handy and easy to manage in everyday use.

teclast t40 plus

Despite the presence of a thin plastic strip that divides the side frame from the display, this product almost seems to belong to the premium range. Teclast, therefore, has decided to reduce errors to a minimum by proposing a device that is valid in terms of construction and from the point of view of details. There are, then, the ports related to connectivity, such as the button ON / OFF, the SIM slot and admission USB Type-C on the left side. On the opposite side, however, we have the volume balance, main microphone, two stereo speakers and the hole mini jack for headphones. The package is completed by the secondary microphone and two other speakers, located at the bottom, which at the audio level should guarantee the maximum possible coverage.

teclast t40 plus

Keep showing one camera raised back which, after all, can easily be damaged. Beyond this aspect, however, the company has taken some steps in terms of design and assembly, putting on the market a valid product capable of attracting the attention of many people. His is not to be overlooked maneuverability and the hardware equipment, which make it quite versatile. We must also add, moreover, everything related to the cover that we had supplied. From this point of view, in fact, I was satisfied with its quality, making it useful on several occasions. I remind you, in any case, that this accessory is sold separately.


After each model there is a tendency to improve some aspects in the next. And that's exactly what happened with this T40 Plus where we finally find a display IPS LCD with resolution Full HD + (2000 x 1200 pixels) from 10,4", with T-Color 2.0 and a density of 225 ppi. This is not a revolution but still a nice leap forward compared to what was proposed on some previous models. Thanks to this change, in fact, the colors turn out to be much more vivid and bright, while continuing to show blacks poco deep and white tending slightly to blue.

teclast t40 plus

I was fully satisfied with the control offered by the panel touch screen, responsive even in the most hectic situations, as well as the work done at the design level. This tablet, in fact, shows rather small side frames which, usually, are not very easily found on such terminals. Beyond this, then, the company has opted for curved edges along the corners, providing even more the idea of ​​being in front of a high-end device. I must say, however, that this panel also has flaws: under direct sunlight all the contents on the screen cannot be distinguished well, also thanks to an oleophobic treatment of the front glass that is not exactly excellent.

Hardware & Performance

As mentioned previously, on this model the company has decided to install an SoC again Unisoc T618, therefore an octa-core CPU with the following configuration: 2 x 75GHz ARM Cortex A2.0 + 6 x 55 GHz ARM Cortex A1.8. To accompany this SoC, then, we find 8GB of LPDDR4 RAM e 128GB of internal memory (expandable via microSD). There is also one GPU Mali-G52, from 850MHz, which manages all the graphics.

Being again in the presence of the usual processor I would have expected performance in line with those found on the M40 Pro. I must admit, however, that I was wrong, and not poco. With this tablet, therefore, it is possible to use all the various programs of the Office package without problems, as well as the various applications for multimedia such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and many others. Not only that, because with this model you can go a little further, with small video montages and very light photo editing sessions on Photoshop. Attention only to the management of the RAM which, on several occasions, has proved to be rather aggressive. So when multiple programs are opened together, perhaps even rather full-bodied in terms of resources, the system tends to free up memory very quickly, forcing us to reload the apps used up to a few minutes before.

What always puts products of this type in particular crisis is gaming. I must say, however, that on this tablet you really suffer poco and with Asphalt 9 it is possible to play video games almost smoothly and with a good frame-rate. During all the various gaming sessions the product proved to be stable and fluid, never heating too much along the rear surface. This is a clear sign of the excellent heat management and good hardware optimization that, on this machine, is finally being pushed to the limit.



Teclast T40 Plus offers Android 11 practically in stock version, without any type of customization. If on the one hand, therefore, almost any type of fantasy dies, on the other this system allows to minimize some classic malfunctions deriving from an optimization that is not exactly exceptional. What, then, really turns your nose upside down is the presence of Google security patches dating back to April 5, 2021, therefore several months old. But here, if we go deeper into this topic, we would end up as always talking about issues that would require a separate article. We can only hope that in the future the company will closely follow this product, also in terms of updates.

As on all the other devices of the brand, also in this case we find full compatibility with Google, with the attached Play Store to download all the apps you need.

Audio & Connectivity

Inside this tablet you can simultaneously install well two nano SIM, both in 4G, or alternatively a nano SIM and a microSD. I must say, therefore, that with the LTE network in the city I have not registered any connection problems, being able to surf the internet smoothly and quickly. The same goes for the module Wi-Fi ac Dual Band which has proven to be reliable in every situation, even in the most remote corners of the house. I also point out the presence of a connection with several satellites including GPS / A-GPS / GLONASS / Beidou / Galileo, as well as del Bluetooth 5.0 and two cameras from 5MP e 8MP.

I have nothing negative to say about the power expressed by the four speakers installed on this device but not all that glitters is gold. From a qualitative point of view, in fact, I would have expected a slightly better depth of sound, with a greater presence of bass. Unfortunately, however, these are almost completely absent and there is a total preference for medium and high tones. You will not have too many problems, therefore, when watching some movies or TV series, but with listening to music the defects come out immediately. Despite the premises, therefore, we are more or less in line with what is proposed by the competition.


When it comes to tablets it is always difficult to give an estimate of its autonomy, given that it is usually used in a rather discontinuous manner. Here, however, we find ben 6.600 mAh which all in all manage to satisfy expectations. With an average intense use, therefore with the viewing of some videos on YouTube, an hour of gaming, browsing on social networks and poco other I managed to easily overcome 4 hours and 30 minutes of screen on, with still a little 'of charge left. All this, however, is possible under Wi-Fi connection because with the LTE network the autonomy drops. Staying within the walls of the house, therefore, it is possible to take advantage of this device even for a couple of consecutive days, obviously with a milder and less frequent use.

Price & Conclusions

Teclast T40 Plus is currently being sold on AliExpress at about the price 200 €, obviously with a discount code. Below you will find the link to the purchase.

NB If you do not see the box with code or the link to the purchase, we advise you to disable the AdBlock.

Do you want a tablet? Then this is the right time to take advantage of AliExpress's offer on the new Teclast T40 Plus! More Less
196,43 €

Buying it at the amount you find above is a real bargain, because it is not easy to find a tablet with this performance on the market at this price. There are many competing devices, even from the same brand, which, however, fail to satisfy in some respects. Here, in fact, we have seen how the device behaves better than others that, after all, are equipped with the same hardware. I am referring mainly to Teclast M40 Pro which unfortunately fails to achieve the performance shown by this terminal. It becomes clear, therefore, that this is a product to be seriously considered in case you are looking for something that allows you to manage family accounts and have fun with the various multimedia contents. Also in terms of design, then, it does not look bad compared to other tablets on the market. And it is a clear sign that the company in this case wanted to give weight to some details.

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review-teclast-t40-plus Nobody knows what the future of the tablet market is, or almost. In fact, the most popular companies are most likely aware of the direction that this sector will take or, at least, they imagine it. According to what has been produced in recent months, however, especially by the brands ...