Redroad V17: always top cleaning with the double HEPA activated carbon filters

red road v17

The importance of the filtration system is never overestimated when it comes to vacuum cleaners. In fact, the vacuum cleaner discharge could pollute the air we breathe and trigger rhinitis, asthma or other respiratory diseases (including chronic ones) if the device in question is unable to capture and retain all the dust properly. Also, if you don't clean the dirt bin often, bacteria and molds can easily proliferate. Summing up, the "exhaust gases" emitted by the vacuum cleaner throughout the house can be more dangerous than the dust itself: but do not worry, because Redroad V17 is not caught unprepared.

Redroad V17: the wireless vacuum cleaner for all-round cleaning

red road v17

Redroad, a manufacturer of smart appliances appreciated above all for the quality of its products, never loses sight of the importance of health and with the new top model Redroad V17 demonstrates this with the filter system Mantolo 3.0 - able to protect users at best.

I HEPA activated carbon filters they can capture 99,97% of particles down to 0,1 microns, including fine dust, house dust mites, pollen, pet dandruff… basically anything that triggers rhinitis, asthma and allergies. The entrance H12 HEPA purifies the air flow inwards to protect the engine and extend its life. The exit H13 HEPA keeps the outgoing air cleaner. And the powerful cyclonic dust separation system 12-cone ensures that there are no blockages or suction leaks.

Redroad is also powerful in removing dust mites. Mites don't vivono only in hot and humid seasons but they are present all year round. So dust mite removal is an all season battle, especially for families with children.

red road v17

With a digital engine from 120.000 turns per minute and an optimized air duct design, the V17 has set a new standard for high suction in this category. With the aspiration from 155AW (26.500 PA pressure), generated by the 450W motor, the motorized brush can remove 99,9% of mites, along with pollen, bacteria and other allergy triggers to protect children in the home.

V17 is also a perfect ally for removing bad smells thanks to the HEPA H13 filter with activated carbon, especially as regards the dust container. Regarding this module, Redroad has adopted a transparent body: in this way it is immediately clear when it is time to empty and clean the container.

In short, the new vacuum cleaner also focuses strongly on health, capturing dust, bacteria, mites and eliminating bad smells. Red Road V17 will be available on AliExpress (you can find it here) from September 20th; for more details on the wireless vacuum cleaner and for a complete overview we recommend that you take a look to the page present on Official site.

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