Red Magic 6S Pro review: Snapdragon 888+ and 165Hz display, a rocket!

Red Magic 6S Pro

After Red Magic 6 e 6R, the sixth series of gaming smartphone targati nubia has no intention of stopping because the brand new was officially launched a few days ago Red Magic 6S Pro. We are talking about a device that was inspired by the good things shown with the 6 traditional and that has the addition of some really very interesting goodies, including the new one Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 +.

So we have a real top-of-the-range hardware, but how did it behave during the various tests? We just have to find out in our full review.

Red Magic 6S Pro review

Unboxing - Red Magic 6S Pro

The sales package is made of black hardcover with a texture reminiscent of carbon and the company logo in the center.

Inside we find the following equipment:

  • Red Magic 6S Pro;
  • silicone cover;
  • wall power supply with 30W output;
  • USB Type-C - USB Type-C cable;
  • pin for the SIM slot;
  • manuals.

Design and construction

This Red Magic 6S Pro incorporates the already quite elegant lines of the Red Magic 6 thanks to a beautiful back cover in glass with a minimal texture, but always made up of gaming-themed graphics and with the LED logo Red Magic.

Red Magic 6S Pro

In fact, as the design of the Red Magic 6R, the Chinese company is trying to clean up more and more of the design to make sure that its smartphones can be appreciated by a wider audience and not only by the niche of gamers who love rough lines and RGB LEDs everywhere.

The smartphone is characterized by a construction with attention to the smallest details and by high quality materials, that is glass e aluminum, which return a feeling of great solidity.

Le dimensions they are practically identical to its predecessor and one-handed use continues to be a bit hampered by the slipperiness of the back cover and its bulk. In fact, the Red Magic 6S Pro measure 169.86 x 77.19 x 9.5 Millimeters for a total weight of 215 grams.

Red Magic 6S Pro

In reality to want to be picky the 6SPro has a thinner thickness than 0.2 millimeters and a weight of 5 grams lower, but the end result is pretty much the same.

Change the configuration of the ports and buttons, as on the left side we find one of the two ventilation grids, the volume rocker and the switch for the Game Space, while on the opposite one reside the two Air Triggers, a microphone and the power button , as well as the other grill. Below you can see the dual SIM slot, another microphone, the system speaker and the USB Type-C input, unlike the upper profile on which we find the always excellent 3.5 mm audio jack and another microphone.


Il Red Magic 6S Pro owns a AMOLED display da 6.8 inches diagonal with resolution Full HD + (2400 × 1800 pixels), density of PPI 387.5, maximum brightness of 700 nitsrefresh rate to 165Hz, touch sampling rate up 720Hz multi-touch, 20: 9 aspect ratio, 100% DCI-P3 color gamut and Corning Gorilla Glass protection.

Red Magic 6S Pro

The panel on the edge of this Red Magic is truly of great quality thanks to vivid colors, but never too saturated and characterized by an excellent contrast and a maximum brightness level. However, if you are not satisfied with the color calibration you can change it through the settings with a wide range of presets.

The aspect of this sector that certainly makes the most noise is the refresh rate a 165Hz and sampling rate in that multi-touch even manages to get to 720Hz. Incredible numbers that will elevate the gaming experience to maximum power, although there are not many titles that support a 165Hz refresh rate yet.

Precisely for this reason, from the system settings we can choose between 60, 90, 120 or 165Hz, or set the automatic refresh rate so that the smartphone independently chooses the frequency based on the application. For the rest in the settings there are many other features such as dark mode, night mode and the always on display that can be totally customized.

Hardware and Performance

To move the Red Magic 6S Pro a Qualcomm chipset takes care of it Snapdragon 888 +, which is inclusive of an octa-core processor with a maximum clock frequency of 3 GHz flanked by a GPU Adreno 66012 GB di RAM LPDDR5 e 128 GB di internal memory UFS 3.1 not expandable via microSD.

In support we also have the new cooling system ICE 7.0 composed of a fan that performs up to 20.000 turns per minute, with blades with a peak speed from 14 m / s which can cool down to 16 ° C. In addition, PCM (or Phase Change Materials) was also introduced in which the materials accumulate heat and release it just after finishing the gaming session. While the fan may be functional, it is unfortunately also particularly noisy and annoying.

In many cases the technical data sheet already tells us everything about a smartphone and this is one of those cases. In fact, the Red Magic 6S Pro it's a rocket, as well as one of the few to already have the new Qualcomm chipset. The experience of use will be fabulous, especially if supported by a refresh rate of 165Hz and a sampling rate of the touch so high.

Precisely with regard to this aspect, let's move on to Gaming, that is the strength and the core of the smartphone, as the Chinese company has continued to work hard on the hardware resource balance systems (CPU, GPU, RAM and connection) to improve the gaming experience, as well as on a dedicated software to better manage some functions autonomously such as ventilation, LEDs, performance and more.

Of course, you won't have any problems with light games like Subway Surfers o Clash Royale, but everything will run smoothly even with heavy and demanding titles such as Call of Duty, PUBG, Fortnite o Genshin impact. In fact, the latter are always reproduced in maximum detail with extreme fluidity and without obvious frame drops.

On board we also find the Red Magic portal dedicated to gaming with all the necessary features and optimizations, but we will talk about it later in the section dedicated to software.


Il Red Magic 6S Pro has a triple camera with main sensor Samsung S5KGW3 da 64 mega-pixels with aperture f / 1.79, one wide angle from 8 mega-pixels, aperture f / 2.2 and wide angle from 120 ° and a macro from 2 mega-pixels with aperture f / 2.4, which are accompanied by a single LED flash.

As every time we review a gaming device, we make a clarification, that usually these are lacking on photo gallery both because they do not have top-of-the-range sensors, and because they lack a bit of extra optimization. This is because we try to reduce costs in order to guarantee the user a latest generation hardware for gaming. The disclaimer is not intended to justify the smartphones in question, but to clarify that we are talking about a common feature.

Having said that, in reality we do not find any differences compared to its predecessor, as we have the same sensors that return almost identical results. In fact, in daytime the main sensor realizes shots of good quality thanks to a good definition, as well as colors and light management. Also, while the macro does a nice job with quality natural bokeh, the wide angle lacks more definition and sees a drop in lighting management due to some constant overexposure.

With little brightness and of will be the night mode will come to our aid, but it cannot work miracles and honestly we would have expected a little more from such a beautiful and handsome smartphone. The absence of a stabilization affects the final result because you will need to have a good steady hand so as not to make the shots come micromossed.

The same argument is also valid for the video, which can be registered up to8K a 30 fps (but also in 4K at 60 and 30 fps) and which overall guarantee good colors, satisfactory lighting management and a satisfying rendering with HDR, but which are a bit flickering.

Finally, on the front we have a camera from 8 mega-pixels with opening f / 2.0, which shows performances similar to those of the rear camera, that is good general quality in daytime, although on some occasions it tends to overexpose a little, while in the evening there is more digital noise.

Audio and connectivity

Thanks to the lower speaker and the support of the ear capsule, the Red Magic 6S Pro owns a stereo audio characterized by a very powerful volume and a well-balanced and clean sound that shows a fair presence of bass, although the highs and mids are more favored.

Fortunately on board we also find the 3.5 mm audio jack input and in the headphones the audio improves further, while I found the same defect as its predecessor, as the ear capsule continues to croak at maximum volume, not reaching enough.

Turning to connectivity, it Snapdragon 888 + obviously supports dual nano SIM with 5G SA + NSA, in addition to 4G +, the WiFi 6EBluetooth 5.1NFCGPS / A-GPS / GLONASS / Beidou / Galileo. In this segment no problem thanks to good reception and excellent satellite navigation.

Il fingerprint sensor is located below the display and it turns out to be precise and quick enough to unlock. In support there is also the facial recognition 2D which is fast in the daytime, while it struggles a bit and needs more time to unlock in low light situations.


Il Red Magic 6S Pro is based on Android 11 with proprietary interface Red MagicOS 4.05 and security patches updated as of August 1, 2021.

Despite the many goodies e customizations, the software keeps showing different critical issues, not so much in the system stability, but in the details: in fact it will not be difficult to find menus still in Chinese or English, as well as some features that cannot be activated because they are exclusive to the Chinese version. In some cases, therefore, it will be difficult to understand the meaning of the menus because of literal translations or lack of translations.

However, we must make a clarification, as upon receipt of the device the company let us know that the software version it is not yet final, but it's a pre-production release for print. Further updates will come soon.

For the rest, however, we are faced with an interface full of customizations such as those relating to the display we have seen previously, the management of the LEDs, the always-on display, the unlock animation with the fingerprint. Then there are the one-handed mode, the super screen, free window and much more.

However, the most interesting part is the section dedicated to Gaming, that is the one on which the brand has focused more to guarantee the user a series of exclusive features to improve playability and have everything under control even in the most demanding phases.

In fact, through the Game Space we will be able to activate the fan, set a certain display refresh rate, open PiP with the main instant messaging apps, set macros and manage Air Triggers, capture screenshots, record videos on the screen and much more.

Also, compared to the previous model this time we have one additional touch section, or a strip on the back cover just above the LED logo, which can be used in many games. This will only support swipes, while among the various systems of use of the AirTriggers we find prolonged pressure, single touch, multiple touches and many other combinations.

In short, all the main functionalities useful to a mobile gamers o content creator are available. More in detail we point out that it is possible to record clips in salient parts of the game and we also find rapid integration with various social networks through the picture-in-picture. Let's not forget that we can change the viewfinder in shooters to make it more visible or activate a sort of negative mode to see the opponents better.


Under the body of the Red Magic 6S Pro we find a battery from 5050 mAh which allows us to have a very good autonomy. In fact, with intense use, refresh rate at 165 Hz, always-on active and almost an hour of gaming I closed a day of use without problems, even arriving in the late morning of the following day.

As far as charging is concerned, the smartphone supports the quick charging to 66W, but a power supply that reaches a maximum of 30W is included in the package. In this case the timing is around 65 minutes to bring it from 0 to 100%.

Conclusions - Red Magic 6S Pro

Il Red Magic 6S Pro is a smartphone extremely powerful, fast and that will give great satisfaction to all those who love to have snappy devices and who can perform even the heaviest actions without hesitating for a moment. To this we add a elegant design despite the segment in which it is placed and a which it literally does go crazy.

Playing with this device is aunique experience which will give you a real competitive advantage compared to other mobile players. However, we found some small gaps that already emerged with the Red Magic 6, that is a software poco cured, a limp ear capsule and a not very brilliant camera.

All in all, the Chinese company was very honest in placing the Red Magic 6S Pro because he kept the prices unchanged compared to the predecessor. Indeed, the smartphone will be available from the next September 27th on the official Red Magic website for the price of 599 € for the variant 12 / 128 GB, 699 € for the variant 16 / 256 GB e 729 € for the version Transparent watercolor ground da 16 / 256 GB.

Finally, we point out that by subscribing to the newsletter on the official website you will receive a discount of € 10, but until 27 September there will be many other dedicated promotions.

NB If you do not see the box with code or the link to the purchase, we advise you to disable the AdBlock.

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