Realme GT Master Edition review: everything is as SMOOTH as oil!


THU Realme he plays with inventiveness, and launches a product, this one GT Master Edition, from which to expect a lot (at least from the name, it is the idea that I have made), but that in reality it is nothing more than a Realme GT, like the one already tested in the past, slightly weakened and with some changes.

Let me be clear, it is absolutely not bad, but from an edition called "Master Edition" I would have wanted something different, and perhaps better than the base GT, but here the level is high, and I talk about it in the complete review.

Realme GT Master Edition review

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Content of the package

The imposing sales package it is made of black cardboard and inside there is the following set of accessories:

  • Realme GT Master Edition;
  • 65W fast-charging power supply;
  • USB cable - USB Type-C;
  • silicone cover;
  • pin for the SIM slot;
  • user manual and warranty.

Design and Materials

Also on an aesthetic level, the similarities with the “smooth” GT model are many, but they are made less evident by the colors that are different here and with other types of chromatic nuances; more Real GT Master Edition also arrives on the market with a version with a leather back cover made by the well-known Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa, but it will probably not be officially available on the European market.

That said Realme gt master it's a beautiful smartphone, really; yes, it is not original without a doubt, but it is well made and the materials used are well worked and integrated into the device, making it extremely premium when you look at it or hold it in your hand.

La back cover it is made of plastic, it looks a lot like glass but it is not: the glossy finishes and the light effects make it even more beautiful and captivating, but unfortunately it must be said that it retains many footprints and soon its destiny is to be covered by a silicone cover, sooner or later.

The finishes, however, are different depending on the version you buy: if here in the Cosmos Black the back cover is glossy and almost mirrored, the version Luna White it is very similar to a pearl white with a matte finish which probably also retains much less fingerprints.

The dimensions are balanced, 159.2 x 73.5 x 8 mm and its weight of 174 grams make it comfortable to use with one hand, which is not what to give poco if we consider that there is still a 6.43 ″ display here.

The equipment along the four sides of the device is complete: the power button is on the right, while on the left there is the volume rocker as well as the SIM cart; there is a double microphone, but above all a 3.5mm connector for headphones, next to the Type-C one for charging.

There are absent, Unfortunately, certifications e protezioni against water and dust.


Realme GT Master Edition is equipped with a display Super AMOLED da 6.43 inches 2400 × 1080 FHD +, with updating frequency up to 120Hz and a speed of 360Hz touch sampling; plus as if that were not enough, the maximum brightness reaches up to peaks of 1000 nits. I add another detail: the display is manufactured by Samsung, is it enough? Only HDR support is missing, but I don't think it will be missed.

You know how much he is not a lover of technical data sheets but Real GT Master Edition it really is all it claims to be: this display is phenomenal, the colors are brilliant, the brightness is great even in direct sunlight. It's a pleasure to relax and watch a movie or play on the screen of this Realme GT Master, and I'm not exaggerating.

In the display settings menu you can change the color temperature manually as well as the color mode via three predefined presets. The mode OSIE, the visual enhancement technology developed by OPPO that increases the saturation and contrast of images to improve the visual experience when viewing short videos on third-party apps.

In addition, the display, at the user's choice, can also be Always-On, but by default it will be disabled; personally it is something that I appreciate and always use on smartphones that are equipped with it.

Hardware and Performance

The step back, even if only relatively, with respect to the GT edition lies in the technical data sheet; while the base model has a Snapdragon 888 processor, here Realme used a processor Snapdragon 778G Octa-core (1 × 2.4 GHz Kryo 670 Prime + 3 × 2.2 GHz Kryo 670 Gold + 4 × 1.9 GHz Kryo 670 Silver), coupled to a Adreno 642L GPU e 8GB RAM memory (expandable with other virtual 5GB) e 256GB of UFS 3.1 internal storage.

Depowered or not, Real GT Master Edition he does his duty in all fields, it is certain. The use of a mid-range processor does not negatively affect the performance of the device which, in all honesty, does not make you regret a top of the range, in almost any context. The lack of the Snapdragon 888 is not felt even in the gaming field, as all the main titles, including Call Of Duty Mobile, run at maximum details and with a high framerate.

In everyday use there is not much to go into detail: the GT Master it works well in all areas, it is very fluid everywhere and even if placed under stress it shows no signs of struggling, also thanks to the excellent software optimization that Realme does on its devices.

At the hardware level, moreover, the presence of the Bluetooth 5.2, NFC and full compatibility with 5G networks.


The photographic sector of this GT Master it remained very similar to the GT model, but there are some technical details in the lenses (at least this is what emerges from the technical data sheets) that let us understand that we are not facing the exact same cameras.

However Realme gt master even in the photographic field it does not disappoint, and there are very few scenarios in which it could have given us something more, the nocturnal ones above all. GT Master owns three cameras, respectively from 64MP f / 1.8 Ultra-Wide 8MP f / 2.3 and the room 2MP f / 2.4 macro; the selfie camera, on the other hand, goes from the 16MP of the older brother to the 32MP f / 2.5 with Sony lenses.

The photographic lens aspect is very respectable, as well as the photographic results which, honestly, I would not have expected to be so good. The Photos I like them very much: the colors are lively and with good sharpness, the automatic HDR helps a lot in some usage scenarios, while in others it tends to "smarm" the colors, but nevertheless the photos are always recoverable with a minimum of retouching in post.

È very fast autofocus which allows us to avoid the tap to focus in most cases; good definition also of the shots with the Ultra-Wide camera and also those with digital zoom (no more than 10x, without ever reaching 20x).

The app camera it is well optimized and allows you to make the most of the potential of the lenses present; there are many modes available, and all working well including the professional mode. I have used night mode with great pleasure in multiple scenarios, obtaining excellent and totally different results from the classic mode: certainly it is lost in definition, but from a mid-range smartphone I would not have expected more.

La selfie camera it is very good in daytime and poco more than discreet when the sun goes down.

Videos can be shot up to a maximum of 4K 30 fps, beyond the usual Full HD at 60 and 30 fps. Image stabilization is EIS type combined with Realme's new proprietary UIS and UIS Max stabilization system.


Real GT Master Edition can count on Android 11 and proprietary interface Realme UI 2.0. As mentioned in other circumstances, I am very satisfied with Realme and the software it installs on its devices.

La Real UI it is full of customization by the manufacturer both in terms of functions and aesthetics, but all options well integrated into the system and never invasive; there aren't too many apps installed, and even if you find any apps that aren't useful to you after the first start, they can be easily removed with a touch.

L'optimization as always it is excellent and all this means that, despite being the GT Master a mid-range device, it manages to obtain very good performances.


La battery present on the GT Master is a unit from 4300 mAh, in line with other devices on the market, but above all well integrated in construction, as the smartphone maintains a decidedly low weight. The autonomy, however, is good and takes you until the evening without any problem, with any type of use, even stressful.

Using the smartphone to stream on Netflix on a Wi-Fi network, it consumes poco less than 10% every hour; at the end of the work day, however, with a rather stressful use between emails, calls and Whatsapp, you find yourself with about 20% residual.

Charging times 10-100% with the 65W power supply

The flagship of Realme devices is always in the battery charging modes; if on the one hand the absence of wireless charging makes you turn up your nose, on the other hand there are super performances in type charging Super Dart 65W which allows us to recharge the device from 10 to 100% (personally tested) in just 27 minutes, values ​​that only Realme and few others manage to achieve.

Price and Considerations

Churning out many devices in a very short time is not necessarily bad, especially in cases like this of Realme where, indeed, every smartphone has its own why: this GT Master is the proof.

The price range in which it fits, that of 3-400 euros, is probably the most requested on the market and a player like Realme was actually missing: if we consider the devaluations and offers available at launch, Realme gt master it is probably the right choice between now and the next few months.

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