OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro become a vintage Hasselblad camera with the new software

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The collaboration between smartphone brands and photography giants is a bit of a touch of class in recent years. And he joined this club in 2021 too OnePlus, which she relied on Hasselblad. Although the first partnership ended with a color calibration on the camera 9 Pro, but the decisive touch was missing, at least for this round. This resulted in the new shooting mode Hasselblad XPan, which allows you to obtain vintage photographs from the camera own OnePlus 9 e 9 Pro.

OnePlus 9/9 Pro x Hasselblad XPan: when the smartphone becomes an analog camera

New levels of imaging

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To report the indiscretion is the leaker Digital Chat Station, which reports the statements of the COO of OnePlus regarding the work it is carrying out in development with Hasselblad. The request is a very important one, because you want to bring the color accuracy dai 24-bit, already very high for a smartphone, to even 164-bit, reaching levels never imagined.

This, however, OnePlus said, was not a simple request. Indeed, it is 5 times higher the one that is usually required from a smartphone, therefore quite demanding.

The Weibo leaker compared what he asks OnePlus to a result very similar to that of cameras analog, those with film. And in fact, this translated into the Hasselblad XPan mode co-developed for OnePlus 9 e 9 Pro.

How does XPan mode work?

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But how does this very particular modality work? With the two focal lengths of 30 mm e 45 mm, reminiscent of the two classic camera lenses Hasselblad XPan original, users will have the opportunity to shoot panoramic images with a preview display directly on OnePlus's camera app, bringing the unique perspective of the classic camera into a more accessible medium. The details of the original camera are meticulously recreated in X-Pan mode, to offer users a true Hasselblad-style experience.

Photos taken in this mode have an aspect ratio in 65:24, the same as the camera Hasselblad XPan original. The images taken with this feature are also processed by the main camera from 48 MP and the wide-angle camera from 50 MP, instead of the default mode from 12 MP. The result is a high resolution image of over 20 MP. XPan images have a resolution × 7552 2798 su 30 mm and a resolution × 7872 2916 su 45 mm.

Default color based on the classic black and white effect of film

OnePlus worked with Hasselblad on two options to simulate the traditional effect of the film in XPan mode: one color mode and one black and white mode.

It opens on OnePlus 9 in black and white, alluding to the tone and style of the classic film used in XPan cameras. The color mode has also been optimized with Hasselblad, giving it a rich and realistic color profile. Users can switch between color and black and white modes according to their preferences.

When does XPan mode arrive on OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro?

This new mode will be available on OnePlus 9 e 9 Pro through the next OTA update which will also bring the new security patches of September 2021, according to what was announced by the leaker Max Jambor.

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