Super opportunity for Midea M7: less than 150 € shipped from Europe

midea discount code m7 robot vacuum cleaner coupon offers
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One of the brands more established in the world of home automation and more generally of the smart home is definitely Midea. And the robot vacuum cleaner also comes from its range of vacuum cleaners Midea M7, a solution with really good features and a super affordable price thanks to the new one discount code dedicated.

14 / 09 Update: new discount with discount code and shipping from Europe. Find all the details directly at the end of the article.

Midea discount code M7: new minimum for the robot vacuum cleaner

midea discount code m7 robot vacuum cleaner coupon offers

With a refined design but with a strong reference to Hi-Tech, the Midea vacuum uses technical specifications and inviting functions. First of all, we also have the possibility of using the robot as a floor cleaner, for a deeper and residue-free cleaning. This is thanks to the tank from 220ml. The water volume can be adjusted up to 3 levels, maintaining the mop function with the correct humidity (so as not to damage the most delicate surfaces).

midea discount code m7 robot vacuum cleaner coupon offers

Moving on toaspiration, we have one power to 4.000 PA, reinforced thanks to a system of bilateral brushes, designed to go according to the different directions of rotation with an increase in the collection of dust and dirt in general. In addition, there is a rotating brush a V shape with floating design, in order to better adapt to the floor when cleaning. For theautonomy we talk about 180 minutes with a single charge.

Obviously, there is also a dedicated app, in order to manage the robot remotely (with the mapping of the environments and the various functions).

Midea discount code M7: price and where to buy

The Midea M7 robot vacuum cleaner is available on GShopper at the best price ever, with discount code e free shipping from Europe. Below you will find the link to the purchase and the coupon to use: if you don't see the box below correctly, try disabling AdBlock.

Midea M7 | GShopper
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