Microtech e-tab LTE review: an Italian brand tablet!

In a historical moment in which remote teaching and working have become a common practice, having a tablet has become almost a necessity. Precisely for this reason today I want to talk to you about Microtech e-tab LTE, a device manufactured by aItalian company which aroused our curiosity.

How did he behave in these weeks of testing? We just have to find out in our full review.

Microtech e-tab LTE review

Unboxing - Microtech e-tab LTE

The sales package is made of white hardcover and inside there is the following equipment:

  • Microtech e-tab LTE;
  • wall power supply with 10W output;
  • USB data cable - USB Type-C;
  • manuals

Design and construction

Thanks to the total black color and to the body without frills or particular carvings, the Microtech e-tab LTE has a classic design and minimal. In fact, we find rounded shapes typical of Huawei tablets of the past generations and a body made in aluminum with matte treatment, although the front is made of plastic.

Microtech e-tab LTE

In daily use, the device can be comfortably gripped and all the buttons are easily accessible with one hand, as the tablet has the size of 243 x 161.9 x 9.6 millimeters and a weight of approx 600 grams.

Microtech e-tab LTE

To improve the user experience and possibly replace the PC, the company allows you to separately purchase a cover that integrates a keyboard and a riser to use it just like a laptop.

Below, in fact, we find the magnetic pins for the attack of the Smart Keyboard and the system speakers, unlike the upper profile on which the 3.5 mm audio jack input, the dual SIM / microSD slot and the main microphone are placed. The right side is empty, while the left boasts the presence of the volume rocker, the power button, the second microphone and the USB Type-C input.


Aboard Microtech e-tab LTE we find a display IPS da 10.1 inches diagonal with resolution Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels), which is characterized by a very good definition and fairly balanced colors, although they tend to slightly emphasize cold tones.

However, within the settings it will be possible to calibrate both the contrast and the colors, so you can adjust it to your liking. Contrast is good and maximum brightness more than enough for indoor use.

Also in the settings menu, it will be possible to activate the night brightness (and schedule it), the dark theme, the screensaver and some other customization related to the backgrounds. In fact, having a practically stock software we find all the basic features present on most Android tablets.

Hardware and Performance

Under the body of the Microtech e-tab LTE we find a chipset Unisoc T618, which is inclusive of an octa-core processor with a maximum clock frequency of 2.0 GHz, a GPU Mali G52, 4 GB di RAM LPDDR4 e 128 GB di internal memory eMMC expandable through microSD.

As you may have guessed, we are talking about an entry-level product, so we must analyze its performance also in relation to the type of use that the target audience could make of it, that is social, streaming and web browsing (or even for the school).

In this case, although it is not very fast, the Microtech e-tab LTE it does everything that is asked of it, from opening the lightest apps, to processing and rendering home videos. We have no problems with using applications such as Google Meet or Zoom, nor with Google Sheets or the Office package.

Later, however, we leave you some benchmarking to give you an idea of ​​the overall performance of the device even under stress.

As regards the Gaming the speech is different, as it is possible to play lighter titles such as Clash Royale, Subway Surfers e Brawl Stars, but it becomes more difficult to enjoy a level experience with games like PUBG o Call of Duty, which are reproduced smoothly with low details.

Camera, audio and connectivity

Il Microtech e-tab LTE has a rear camera from 13 mega-pixels and single LED flash, which can be used for scanning documents or during business or educational webinars / video calls.

Microtech e-tab LTE

This is because it is usually difficult to use the tablet to take pictures on the go or at professional levels, as the sensors on smartphones are much more performing.

On the front we find instead a sensor from 8 mega-pixels, which allows us to have good conference calls.

L'audio output from the lower speakers is quite powerful, although it tends to favor higher and medium frequencies more, but overall it makes watching videos or movies more than enjoyable. The microphones work well in both capturing audio in videos and during calls.

Speaking of connectivity, therefore, the Microtech e-tab LTE clearly supports (as the name also implies) dual SIM with LTE 4G Cat.7, as well as the Wi-Fi a / b / g / n / ac, GPS / A-GPS / GLONASS, Bluetooth 5.1, USB Type-C and 3.5mm audio jack.

From this point of view I have not found any particular critical issues because the reception is good and the Bluetooth reliable, even if it has happened to me sometimes that in stand-by the Wi-Fi pauses.


As for the software, the Microtech e-tab LTE is based on Android 11 with practically stock interface. This allows the tablet to be a little leaner in daily use and not to be weighed down further given its technical data sheet.

In fact, inside we find all the basic Android features such as Smart controls, digital well-being, TalkBack, the accessibility menu and much more.


Under the body of the Microtech e-tab LTE we find a battery from 7000 mAh, which allows us to have aexcellent autonomy. In fact, even with medium-intense use it is possible to reach two days of continuous use without problems.

Obviously, with the energy saving systems present in the software and using it more sparingly, we will be able to further extend its duration. Finally, as regards recharging, through the supplied power supply we can reach 100% in about 2 hours.

Conclusions - Microtech e-tab LTE

microtech is a 'Italian company which produces various technological products, but which focuses mainly on tablets, notebooks and mini PCs, as well as on a whole series of dedicated accessories.

Currently the Microtech e-tab LTE is available on their official store at 239 €, but with the integration with Klarna it will be possible pay in installments the digit in 3 payments within 60 days. However, the surprises for our readers never end, because thanks to the coupon "ETAB_GIZCHINA"You will have one 10% Off on both versions of the e-tab, bringing the price to about 215 €.

In conclusion, we are talking about an entry-level product that can be used both for light smartworking (video calls and Office documents), but also to follow online lessons, as well as for web and social browsing.

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