MBlu (Meizu Blue Charm) already has a lifestyle sub-brand: here is Lifeme

mblu meizu blue charm sub brand lifeme

Il return of the Blue Charm brand, affiliated with Meizu, certainly did talk and not poco Chinese users. But what certainly attracts attention is the choice to already create a lifestyle sub-brand of MBlu (official name of the new Meizu Blue Charm), that is Lifeme.

MBlu (Meizu Blue Charm): here are the first Lifeme products

mblu meizu blue charm sub-brand lifeme 2

So what will the new partner brand bring to the market? Focused on lifestyle or rather, on the ecosystem, we will see products designed for the home but also for everyday life, both technological and not. Indeed, Lifeme includes both two Bluetooth speaker of different invoice, is a bank but also one portable hand warmer, for an umbrella and one backpack.

In short, a turnaround compared to consumer devices such as smartphones or tablets that you think MBlu can bring to market. Other products, second Lifeme, will then arrive on the market later.

For Meizu it is certainly not an unprecedented situation in this sector. In addition to the Blue Charm itself, it was launched almost a year ago Lipro, dedicated to smart home lighting and above all compatible with HarmonyOS by Huawei. We do not know if Lifeme and MBlu will have a Global distribution, but it certainly remains an interesting vision from Meizu.

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