Huawei Mate 50: what if instead of the 888 + there was Snapdragon 898 4G?

huawei snapdragon 888+ plus 4G

The strange story between Huawei and smartphones in 2021 sees many facets and "obligations" that the brand must (unfortunately) respect. In fact, having abandoned the Kirin 5G by force of circumstances, Huawei has relied on the palliative (so to speak) of Qualcomm chipsets with 4G modems as happened on P50 and on the next Nova 9 and it could do it with it too Snapdragon 888 + (More) in the near future, maybe on the Mate 50.

Upgrade 28 / 09: new interesting rumor regarding Qualcomm's next flagship chipset in relation to Huawei. Find all the details at the bottom of the article.

Huawei with Snapdragon 888+ 4G: does philosophy pay off?

huawei snapdragon 888+ plus 4G 2

The news of the future application of Qualcomm's top-of-the-range chipset by the Chinese brand comes from the leaker Digital Chat Station, which explains that the888 Plus the distribution will follow that of Snapdragon 888 e 778G with modem 4G for Huawei. With this move, the brand aspires to compensate for the loss of ground in the market in terms of sales, perhaps hoping for an increase in the supply of devices.

This philosophy should pay off, but Chinese users are not currently thrilled with it, as they are already well accustomed to the speed of 5G. A different story could be if these devices will look at theEurope or to India, where however there would be the "problem" HarmonyOS. In short, from wherever you see it, it is not a very simple situation.

Huawei ready to jump in category: Snapdragon 898 4G on Mate 50?

After a few weeks, we are back to talking about Qualcomm's top-of-the-range chipset with 4G modem and when it comes to this, obviously everything revolves around Huawei. As we know and as we are seeing, the Chinese giant can get hold of these chipsets without being able to use the 5G, which if it is a problem for China, it would still be acceptable in Europe.

And not surprisingly, after the rumor he wants Snapdragon 888+ 4G for the possible Mate 50, Digital Chat Station talks about one Snapdragon 898 4G, according to him coming in Q1 2022, which could therefore make room for this type of solution.

In short, considering the usability of the web leaks, we will therefore only know a start 2022 what we will see on the market from Huawei, if this could be further confirmation for Mate 50, but also for a possible Mate x3, which would perfectly match the need for a foldable with a high-end chipset.

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