How to Play Splitgate on Android and iPhone | Guide

Splitgate smartphone tutorial

splitgate is the new game of the moment and in the last period its downloads have had a real surge. So, after the tutorials on Rocket League e Fortnite, we were asked how to play splitgate on any smartphone: from Android to iPhone and from low-cost to top of the range.

For this reason, in today's guide we will explain how to do it for free using only an internet connection and NVIDIA GeForce NOW!

How to play Splitgate on smartphones with NVIDIA GeForce NOW

Splitgate on smartphones thanks to GeForce NOW

splitgate, the new shooter that combines features of Halo e Portal, is a title Free-to-play FPS for PC and consoles which in recent weeks has been a huge success thanks to its game mode and its intriguing mechanics.

However, not everyone has a performing PC or a console, for this reason today we will explain how to use your smartphone (of any price range) to play splitgate and many other titles. In fact, thanks to the cloud gaming service "NVIDIA GeForce NOW" you will be able to perform more than Giochi 1000 simply by taking advantage of the internet connection and not excessively engaging the hardware of your smartphone.

How to play Splitgate on Android?

Let's proceed step by step and start from the first tutorial: how to play on Android?

1. Register on GeForce NOW

Since we will take advantage of the NVIDIA GeForce Now, the first thing we will have to do is register. By clicking on this link and by visiting the site you can subscribe to the free plan through which you can play up to 1 hour a day and you will have to queue up first to access the gaming servers.

Usually you won't have to wait more than 2/3 minutes, but if you don't want to queue or want to play for more than an hour a day, then you can subscribe from 9.99 per month.

2. Download the app from the Play Store

After registering and choosing the subscription you prefer, you will need to download the app NVIDIA GeForce NOW from the Play Store and log in with the data you just used to register on the site.

3. Register on Steam

Currently splitgate It is only available on Steam, so to be able to play it you will first have to register on this platform if you have not already done so in the past. If you already have an account you can skip this step.

splitgate smartphone android iphone

4. Search for Splitgate and connect the gamepad

Then go back to the app NVIDIA GeForce Now, search splitgate and before clicking on "Plays" connect the gamepad with the smartphone. I used the Xbox One S joystick, but you can use any compatible Bluetooth controller.

splitgate smartphone android iphone

5. Login to Steam

Once clicked "Play now", splitgate it will start, but first you will be prompted to do the login su Steam to make sure that the accounts are linked correctly. After this step I didn't have to click on anything else to play, but if there are any problems go to "Shop" and redeem Splitgate for free.

6. Ready to play

Now you can play splitgate with your smartphone just like on PC and console. I remind you that if you were to have a slow connection, the game could go bumpy. For this reason in the settings of GeForce NOW you can lower Manually the quality of the graphics and fps.

How to play Splitgate on iOS?

 Apple and so iOS, the procedure changes only in the initial part. In fact, you will have to visit the NVIDIA GeForce Now website da Safari, register and then follow the wizard to add the web app on Home.

From now on you can follow all the steps from point 3 onwards. Have fun!

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