Facebook launches its smart glasses that record videos: do they remind you of anything?

facebook ray-ban smart glasses features price release

While leading Chinese manufacturers they seem poco interested in making this type of devices (except for Huawei), the social giant of Mark Zuckerberg has decided to take charge by proposing a solution with an attractive look, perfect for content creators who do not want to miss any opportunity. Facebook presented the smart glasses Ray-Ban Stories, a novelty that could become a real trend thanks to the collaboration with the well-known brand of sunglasses and eyeglasses.

Facebook presents Ray-Ban Stories: all about features and price

facebook ray-ban smart glasses features price release

Whether to observe the former smart glasses in collaboration with Facebook it reminds you of something is because the idea behind it is something already seen in the past. The ability to record clips ready for social media debuted some time ago with glasses Snapchat Spectacles, solution that can also achieve quite a success. However, the look is perhaps a bit too flashy and from this point of view the Ray-Ban / Facebook model wins out.

facebook ray-ban smart glasses features price release

As for the "technical" features, smart glasses Ray-Ban Stories are equipped with a dual camera from 5 MP capable of taking photos and recording videos with automatic light adjustment and stereoscopic depth. The device is equipped with touch controls while the audio part is based on oper-ear speakers with three integrated microphones (to capture sound in all directions). There charging case - present in the package - allows you to carry your smart glasses around without any problem. Thanks to the smartphone app (Android and iOS) Facebook View the smart glasses are immediately ready for sharing content and of course it is possible to modify the acquisitions to create unique clips and shots.

The new smart glasses targati Facebook e Ray-Ban are already available for purchase in Italy: the price starts from €329 for the classic version with black frame, and then go up according to the type of lens and the color of the frame. If you are interested, here you will find the link for the official store.

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