The Viomi SE robot: the new discount code brings it to an all-time low

offer viomi se xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner
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We have by now got used to seeing in our homes smart products for the cleaning. One of the most popular is certainly the robot vacuum cleaner, often with the function of floor washer, as Viomi SE Group Xiaomi, which comes back in offering on offer with discount code on Geekbuying al price historical low e shipment da Europe for free.

Viomi SE discount code: the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner robot on offer on Geekbuying

offer viomi xiaomi floor cleaning robot

The design of the Viomi SE robot vacuum cleaner, beyond its “roundness” it is very elegant and not with the usual dark color, but a nice white and champagne on the top. But the features are also powerful for the price range: starting with the suction power da 2200 Pa us 1500 turns per minute, a battery from 3200 mAh covering up to 200 m² with one charge, with a 200ml.

Not missing a batch of 12 sensors, one of which LDS anti-collision, for an gyroscope a 6 axis and a dynamic AI algorithm. The Viomi SE it also has four suction modes from 600 ai 2200 Pa, he's silent given his 72 dB and via the app you can adjust the cleaning of all the rooms on the smartphone.

Il Xiaomi Viomi SE robot vacuum cleaner then goes in offer with discount code on Geekbuying at the lowest historical price with free shipping from Europe, excellent considering the cost of the same level robots.

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