Cubot KingKong 7 review: is he the real KING of rugged phones?

cubot kingkong 7
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Contrary to what many people might believe i rugged phone they are still quite popular. This category of smartphones, in fact, has been able to hit the mark by proposing some essential features in the workplace: bricklayers, decorators and site managers are just some of the profiles that could find these devices interesting. This is why companies, especially Chinese-style companies, continue to design these products. There are some brands that, more than others, offer many devices of this type within their list, offering different options. Cubot certainly stands out among these, which in recent weeks has decided to launch the new one on the market Cubot KingKong 7. From the name, which is all a program, it is clear that the brand wanted to develop a phone that can withstand practically any atmospheric agent and more. Will it also be able, however, to offer good performance in everyday use? Discover it with us, within ours Full review.

Cubot KingKong 7 review


From a first glance at the packaging it is clear what the design of the product is. On the front, in fact, the front surface of the product is shown. In any case, inside the package we find:

  • Cubot KingKong 7;
  • USB / USB Type-C cable for charging and data transfer;
  • wall power supply, with European socket;
  • non-in-ear headphones, with cable;
  • short instruction manual, also in English;
  • warranty certificate.

Design & Materials

I want to tell you right away that over the past few years things have changed a lot in this area. To date, therefore, rugged phones are less bulky and heavy than in the past. KingKong 7 also aligns itself with this trend, offering a truly robust and solid plastic body. Not for nothing, in fact, this device integrates two important certifications against water and other atmospheric agents: IP68 e IP69K. Therefore, by immersing the smartphone in water, absolutely nothing happens even after several tens of minutes. Obviously, however, everything has a price, so this device has rather generous dimensions by measuring 166,75 x 83,5 x 14 mm, with a weight of well 267 grams. It is one of the heaviest rugged phones among those on the market and in the long run this feature poses some problems. It is therefore inconvenient to use the phone with one hand or for too long sessions.

cubot kingkong 7

As on other competing models, offered by other companies, also in this case we find a more than good build quality. Every detail has been well taken care of, thus ensuring the maximum protection possible to all internal components. If this were not the case, in fact, the smartphone could not have received any type of certification. There are, then, many grooves and points on its surface to grip. This aspect, in particular, allows you to always have a firm grip on the device without the danger that it may fall at any moment. It is one of the larger units, therefore also slightly bulkier. I believe that the materials used are also of excellent workmanship since in this week of use I have not found any slightest sign of wear on the body and on the front glass.

Taking a look at the product we notice the presence of several details, such as the triple room camera placed on the back which has been expertly set inside a solid metal structure. Poco under the brand logo, then, there are the two slits for the audio speaker and microphone principal. Looking at the right frame, however, we notice the on / off button, the fingerprint sensor and a programmable key. The entrance USB Type-C is placed at the bottom, while on the left reside the volume balance and SIM slot. The latter can contain one nano SIM and one microSD or, alternatively, two nano SIMs. Do not worry about the fact that every single hatch opens outwards, because inside them there is still a gasket that isolates the components.


cubot kingkong 7

Where you often save is on the display, since a unit is located on board this product IPS LCD da 6,36 " with resolution Full HD + (1080 x 2300 pixels) with a density of approximately 395 ppi. As always, therefore, it is a modest panel that, in most cases, manages to meet expectations. In any case, there are some clarifications to be made, especially regarding the depth of the colors which is absolutely not enough. Here, therefore, the whites tend too much towards yellow and the blacks are poco deep. To mitigate the quality of the panel, however, there is one brightness discreet maxim that almost always manages to show us all the contents on the screen. In fact, in direct sunlight, I have never experienced any particular problems with this product. Attention only to the low oleophobicity of the panel which, after a few tens of minutes, leaves several fingerprints on the screen.

Having tried so many I can get a much clearer overall picture, so I can tell you that this rugged phone has a touch screen average good. It does not excel in any particular aspect, since in the most excited writing phases it tends to lose a few touches too. Despite this, however, it is quite responsive in the scrolling of the pages or, more simply, in the navigation within all the various menus. With wet fingers, in any case, the display cannot recognize any touch: the device does not get damaged with water and dust but with dirty fingers it is equally unusable. Despite everything, however, the side frames are not too accentuated and this aspect certainly works in its favor. Beyond this feature, however, there is also a negative note to report: along the lateral corners, rather pronounced light bleeding phenomena are noted.

Unlocking Systems

This rugged phone offers two main unlocking systems: the fingerprint sensor and face unlock.

I don't tell you too much about the first method which, as you know, I do not recommend using for several reasons. In addition to not being very safe, on this smartphone it appears to be also poco fast and snappy. During the day there are never big problems but when the light goes down its reliability drops drastically. Which is why I urge you to make much more use of the fingerprint sensor which, in many respects, is much more useful. In addition to recording a higher speed in the detection of our fingerprint, this method is more effective against any external intrusions. I must also admit, however, that the device is not always so lightning in unlocking the phone using this method, so it could sometimes become frustrating.

Hardware & Performance

KingKong 7 offers a MediaTek Helio P60, therefore an octa-core CPU equipped with this configuration: 4 x Cortex-A73 2GHz + 4 x Cortex-A53 2GHz. Beyond this, then, we find ben 8GB of RAM e 128GB of internal memory expandable up to 256GB via microSD. We also have one Mali-G72 MP GPU from 800MHz.

This smartphone enjoys a good autonomy, which we will talk about later, but unfortunately it has to make some compromises in terms of performance. In fact, in the days of testing, I almost always managed to move quite quickly between the various menus with only a few small hitches. Sometimes, in fact, some apps have unexpectedly closed after several tens of minutes of use, only to return to work as they did a few moments before. Even if there are 8GB of RAM, therefore, the management of this space is at least controversial: most of the most common applications do not stay in memory for long due to a fairly aggressive RAM management. This means having to constantly strain the hardware, reloading the same app from time to time. However, it also depends a lot on the type of stress to which the smartphone is subjected. During the lighter sessions, in fact, the system works better and is able to keep a much greater number of information in memory. Using apps like Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, Whatsapp, banking apps, YouTube, Netflix and much more I didn't encounter any major problems. Cubot KingKong 7 is a rugged phone but it behaves fairly well even with a more multimedia use.

I thought it was hard to admit but this phone can easily be used for gaming too. I played for several hours a Call of Duty Mobile without any criticality, detecting only a certain warmth on the back of the device. Here, however, the frame-rate is quite stable and the game offers excellent fluidity on almost any occasion. Despite this, therefore, as already mentioned, the temperatures always remain below the guard level. So much so as not to show thermal throttling phenomena.



Cubot has decided to install software very close to stock Android on this model, proposing Android 11 us security patches dating back to April 5 2021. This is a non-customized version, which the company voluntarily decided to retouch as little as possible. What left me a little stunned is the absence of a folder dedicated to some useful applications in the workplace such as the level, infrared vision, the ruler and much more. Usually these applications find space on devices of this type but, in this case, the Chinese brand did not care. In any case, we do not know how much the terminal will be supported in the future, so from this point of view it is just a small leap in the dark.

In addition to the most common Google applications, the company offers the possibility to download others through the Play Store, without any restrictions. Thanks to the 128GB available, in fact, you will have no problem installing any type of app that is most useful to you.


Going to the website we do not find any additional information on the photographic sector beyond what we already know. On board this smartphone, in fact, there is a main sensor from 64MP assisted by the presence of a wide-angle lens from 16MP and a target from 5MP for macros. There is, of course, a single LED flash and, on the front, one selfie camera da 32MP which has been set inside a hole in the display.

During the day the photos are sufficient, even if there are some defects. Beyond the color calibration, which turns a lot on warm tones, I must admit that in unfavorable light conditions the system struggles to maintain a certain sharpness. Here, in fact, the function is missing HDR which in such situations would certainly have come in handy. When you are not in a well-lit area, therefore, I strongly advise against the use of the wide-angle sensor which, unfortunately, in this case will return a very dark image. Beyond these aspects, in any case, the attention to detail is good, even with the use of the sensor for the macro. Taking some photos with this sensor, therefore, I was able to capture some more details of the subject in the foreground, with a decent quality.

Looking at the night shots there is a discreet attention to detail, even if the artificial lights slightly put the system in crisis. Despite this, the quality is sufficient, with good color rendering and not excessive photographic noise. Going to the settings, then, we find the "Night mode”Which allows you to manage the lights and white balance slightly better. This is not a substantial change, as the differences are really minimal but, in any case, it is appreciable that the company has thought about it. As well as during the day, the bokeh effect is to be reviewed as the edges of the faces are not always cut out precisely.

With the selfie camera it is possible to take some selfies with good results, relying on a sensor that can handle the light well. The face is hardly overexposed but in the dark the sensor struggles a lot to recognize our face. This, therefore, leads to very dark photos and poco defined. Therefore, I recommend taking your pictures when you are well lit or under some lighthouse. In case the light sources are scarce, however, it is possible to take advantage of the front flash (it simply lights up the screen in white).

Audio & Connectivity

We have seen previously how the two speaker have been mounted on the rear, at the bottom. It is not an ideal location for listening to music or movies and I must admit that the quality also leaves something to be desired. In addition to a not too high volume, even at maximum volume, the unit sins in the bass favoring the medium and high tones. This means, therefore, that the sound is poco full-bodied and crystalline. In spite of everything, however, I did not notice any distortions. When you are on a call, however, the situation is better, being able to converse with our interlocutor in a clear way, with a clear and fairly clean voice. Sometimes the sound turns out to be a bit metallic but this does not preclude too much the quality in call.

In terms of connectivity, a module is located on this smartphone Wi-Fi Dual Band that even in the less covered areas of the house can guarantee good performance. In any case, when you are away from home, you can take advantage of the network LTE that with the 4G of Fastweb did not give me any problems. I would also like to point out the presence of the Bluetooth 4.2, the GPS / Glonass / Beidou and NFC. Beyond this, then, we also have all the various sensors including proximity and brightness ones that have been well calibrated. When you bring the phone to your ear, the display turns off, thus allowing us to talk without the fear of accidentally pressing some keys. The same goes for that of brightness, even if it has often proved to be rather lazy.

I remind you that this device allows you to install well inside 2 nano SIM or, alternatively, a nano SIM and a microSD to expand the internal memory.


Under the imposing body there is a battery da 5.000 mAh which allows you to finish an entire working day without any problem. Even in the most stressful days, in fact, I was able to keep a good 30% of charge for the evening without the need to immediately connect the device to the current. In case you have to use it more mildly, therefore, you may be able to arrive even in the middle of the second day. In conclusion, this is a smartphone that in this respect practically does not fear rivals in its category.

With the 10W power supply in the package it is possible to recharge the smartphone from 10 to 100% in about 3 hours.

Price & Conclusions

Cubot KingKong 7 is currently being sold on the official website at less than 200 euros. Find the purchase link below.

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Given its characteristics, this smartphone is a candidate as one of the best rugged phones on the market. In terms of performance, in fact, nothing is really missing, also managing to video games in a much more than satisfactory way. In daily use, however, I have not found a greater stability than that found on other competing models, which is why from this point of view it may not be preferred to others. It certainly wins for the design and the display, also thanks to the presence of a very large screen that is interrupted only by the presence of a hole for the selfie camera. Also in terms of autonomy, then, there is no question of the quality of the product which, therefore, could prove to be the best friend of those who are looking for a smartphone with a lot of battery. What are you waiting for to buy it?

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