BlitzWolf BW-GM3 Review: 34-inch 165Hz Curved Gaming Monitor!

If until a few years ago gaming world it was an exclusive of a few and very famous brands, today the music has changed and more and more companies are trying to enter this profitable market with their products. It is an example of this BlitzWolf, which has launched the brand new one a few months ago BlitzWolf BW-GM3, Or a curved gaming monitor da 34 inches WQHD a 165Hz. How did he behave during our tests? We just have to find out in the full review!

BlitzWolf BW-GM3 Review

Unboxing - BlitzWolf BW-GM3

The sales package is made of simple cardboard, but the monitor is protected by two large layers of polystyrene, which will allow it to arrive intact during shipment. Inside there is the following equipment:

  • BlitzWolf BW-GM3 Monitor;
  • stand;
  • power supply with European/Italian plug;
  • DisplayPort cable;
  • manuals.

Design and construction

Il BlitzWolf BW-GM3 is characterized by a curvature a 1500R and fairly contained frames that allow the user to fully immerse themselves in the scene. In fact, thanks to his 34 inches format 21:9 we will have a very wide view that will not tire the eyes thanks to the excellent curvature and the possibility of adjusting the monitor in height or inclination (horizontal and vertical).

BlitzWolf BW-GM3

Overall the BW-GM3 has a maximum height of 565 mm (in extension), a width of 808 mm and a depth of 200 mm.

L'assembly is very simple e Quick, as it will be enough to screw the vertical tube on the base by hand and then hook everything to the monitor with a click. In fact, at the rear there is a quick coupling system with very resistant springs and hooks. To separate the two parts we will only have to press on a small plastic lever.

Speaking materials, this BlitzWolf is made plastic e steel, both of excellent quality that guarantee stability in support and movements, as well as great solidity. Also, we point out that in the back, right around the stand VESA 100 we find one LED RGB which gives the product an even more gaming soul.

BlitzWolf BW-GM3

Below we find 2 DisplayPort 1.2 inputs up to 165Hz, an HDMI 2.0 input up to 100Hz, the 3.5 mm audio jack input, a USB port and one for the power supply, as well as the buttons to control the monitor.

Personally I would have preferred a solution similar to the I Curved Gaming Monitor 34 which with two magnetic covers (also on the central tube) allow you to hide the cables even better. Here we only have one, but it doesn't solve the situation very much.

Apart from this detail, unfortunately he too like the Xiaomi monitor does not have speakers system. Since we are talking about a gaming device we can assume that the target user already has quality speakers or headphones, but for my type of use (so we also talk about productivity) and to guarantee a more complete experience I would have preferred to have them available.

Technical features

After a first analysis of the design and construction, let's now see what are the technical characteristics of the BlitzWolf BW-GM3. As mentioned above, we are talking about a monitor VA with a diagonal from 34 inch format 21:9, resolution WQHD (3440 x 1440 pixels) and with a curvature 1500R.

BlitzWolf BW-GM3

Going into more detail we have a range of colors equal to 120% sRGB and is able to reproduce them well 16.7 million, we find a contrast of 4000: 1 and a maximum brightness of 300 nits. The refresh rate is up to 165Hz with DisplayPort e 100Hz with HDMI, the response time is 4 ms and we also find compatibility with technology AMD FreeSync.

Video quality and functionality

The technical specifications are very promising indeed, but how did the BlitzWolf BW-GM3 in reality? Very well as we are dealing with a product made with extreme care and which fairly faithfully follows the specifications declared by the company.

After the first power up I used the lower controls of the product to adjust the saturation and contrast settings, as I always prefer them more incisive to give me a greater impact when gaming or watching movies. Maximum brightness is great for indoor use and viewing angles are good thanks to the quality VA panel and curvature.

Unfortunately with my laptop I was unable to push myself to refresh rate a 165Hz and not even with the console, but the gaming tests carried out with updating frequency poco inferior proved to be up to par. In fact, thanks to the ultra-wide format and its width, play with it BlitzWolf BW-GM3 is a real pleasure. Probably if you have never tested a 21: 9 initially you will have to get used to it, but after a few days you will notice that it will be a real g.

Through the menu of the monitor we can activate various functions such as theAMD FreeSync, L 'HDR, response time, noise reduction, super resolution, dynamic brightness control and different modes of PIP e PBP. As for the latter you will have to take advantage of the two inputs DisplayPort e HDMI.

BlitzWolf BW-GM3

Finally, there is a small gem from the company, which has inserted a button that, if pressed, will bring out a red viewfinder large that will help us a lot in shooting games. By pressing it several times we can change shape and type.

Conclusions - BlitzWolf BW-GM3

In conclusion what do I think of this BlitzWolf BW-GM3? After trying it for several weeks and playing several titles between shooter and sports titles, I can feel quite satisfied with the overall yield. The BW-GM3 it is in a market segment in which it directly clashes with the I Curved Gaming Monitor 34 of Xiaomi, but thanks to its characteristics it does not look bad at all, indeed here we have a refresh rate which also goes as far as the 165Hz.

The support to the FreeSync, the modalities Multi-Windows, solidity and quality of the panel make it an attractive product for all gamers who want a top monitor but with a relatively low cost compared to much more famous brands.

L'only regret, at least for my type of use, is the absence of system speaker, in addition to the absence of some additional cover to better mask the cables, but otherwise the BlitzWolf BW-GM3 is one of the monitors with best value for money on the market.

In fact, you can buy the BW-GM3 su Banggood about 354.9 € using the coupon "BGGizchina82“, Which greatly reduces the official price.

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