Roidmi EVE Plus on offer is Xiaomi's solution for late summer cleaning

xiaomi roidmi eve plus offer end of summer 2021 discount code

The return from holidays is certainly an almost traumatic moment because it often also causes the cleaning of the house. But with devices designed for this, today everything has become easier. Like relying on a robot vacuum cleaner like the Roidmi EVE Plus, which in offering makes it one of the most interesting products in the industry.

Roidmi EVE Plus: why choose the Xiaomi robot

xiaomi roidmi eve plus offer end of summer 2021 discount code 2

The reasons for choosing Xiaomi's Roidmi EVE Plus are really many, such as you can buy it for its intelligent planning, or for its concrete LiDAR navigation and why not, also for its 2-in-1 action. floor washer, with everything managed by the dedicated application. Or, you might be interested in its respectable technical specifications. Starting from the suction power at 2.700 Pa, or the capabilities of the Ma, what sets it apart is the built-in deodorant particle generator that sterilizes the powder station every time the robot tray is emptied.

And it is no coincidence, since it is equipped with an excellent self-emptying base with a bag up to 3 liters to obtain maximum cleaning both before and after the action of the robot. The suction power of this base is really tangible, given its 23.000 Pa, but also the air duct from 379 mm, as well as having an LED screen to monitor the status. The battery also allows you to have a really important autonomy up to 250 minutes.

Then find the robot vacuum cleaner with emptying base Xiaomi Roidmi EVE Plus in super offer on AliExpress, where you can get it at the great price of €371.18, thanks to the exclusive discount code 828FAST30 (to apply at checkout), but only until the next one August 27th, 2021 and for the first 50 lucky ones an Oclean F1 toothbrush, while for the first 100 bags and mats for the robot. Without forgetting the convenience shipping from Europe. We leave you to purchase a this link, while for all other information on the product you can consult the Official site.

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