Teclast M40 Pro review: a few steps forward

For years now Teclast it is a certainty in the area tablets. Even if its products have not always proved to live up to expectations, its quality-price ratio has always been able to amaze from a certain point of view. In fact, we have had the opportunity to try some models in the last few weeks without experiencing any kind of particular problem. As we know, however, this market is constantly evolving and it is necessary to always keep up with new technologies and, more than anything else, with the competition. And it is precisely from this last factor that the main dangers for these companies come. Reason why the new Teclast M40 Pro it just can't fail, having to inherit the good impressions returned by its predecessor (see Teclast M40). On the part of the company, however, what innovations have been made on this model? Is it really worth switching to the new tablet even if you already have a Teclast M40 in your hands? We will try to answer these, and other questions, within this one Full review. Stay tuned!

Teclast M40 Pro review


We do not deviate at all from what the Chinese brand usually provides with its products. Inside the classic recycled cardboard packaging, therefore, we find the following accessories:

  • Teclast M40 Pro;
  • wall power supply with Chinese socket (adapter not supplied in the package);
  • brief instruction manual;
  • warranty certificate.

Furthermore, I would like to point out that the plastic case is also sold separately, similar to that of the iPads. I must say that on a qualitative level this component is satisfactory, managing to fulfill its task properly.

Design & Materials

It is specified on the official website but it is right to reiterate it here too: the whole body is made of metal gray in color. Exactly like on the previous model, therefore, the brand has spared no expense from this point of view. What changes, therefore, with respect to Teclast M40? I have to be honest with you in telling you that in reality the differences are minimal, even on the front. Beyond the edges of the display that have the same identical dimensions, between the glass and the body there is a striking plastic strip that obviously on such a product I would have preferred not to see. However, this does not affect its use. On balance, therefore, this Teclast M40 Pro is not uncomfortable to hold, always remaining on a weight of about 500 grams which on a tablet are more than acceptable. I also remind you that the dimensions are 243 x 163 x 9,2 mm.

teclast m40 pro

We are not in the presence of a 2in1 device but simply a tablet which, among other things, can also be used with its specification cover. It is an accessory sold separately that allows you to hold the device in a vertical position and, more widely, to protect it from any bumps or falls. Taking a closer look at the device, however, we notice the presence along the side edges of some fundamental components such as the on / off button, the volume rocker, the reset button and the input USB Type-C. The hole is located on the upper side mini jack for headphones, two audio speaker and the slot for microSD or, alternatively, for two Nano SIM. Only the two additional speakers at the bottom are missing, which should return a greater stereo effect.

With this second model, the company could have done something more to improve some critical issues found on the M40. For example, the camera rear protrudes a good millimeter from the profile of the device. Beyond this aspect, however, once again I did not find any particular problems or creaks that compromised its use.


As mentioned, the bezels around the display have not been reduced and are still quite marked. From the front, however, a space takes up IPS LCD display da 10,1" with resolution FHD (1.920 x 1.200 pixels) and density of PPI 225. This is not the quality that is generally expected from a product devoted to multimedia but for the proposed price, perhaps it was not possible to do more. Therefore i colors they are quite well calibrated and the viewing angles sufficient. Obviously, then, the whites tend slightly to blue and the blacks are a lot poco deep. Due to the poor oleofobicità of the front glass, however, in direct sunlight it is not always easy to see all the contents on the screen. Even at maximum brightness, in fact, it is quite tiring to overcome the reflections of the sun on the display.

teclast m40 pro

Although the system is not lightning fast I have not encountered any problems with the touch screen, resulting precise and quite responsive. During the writing phases, however, it is not always possible to go fast, on pain of losing a few letters. However, it is difficult to write so many words on a product of this type using the touchscreen. Everything becomes easier, in fact, by connecting an external Bluetooth keyboard and, possibly, even a mouse to move within some particular applications such as Word, Excel and more.

Hardware & Performance

The convergences with the previous model continue, given that an SoC resides on board this device Unisoc T618, therefore an octa-core CPU composed as follows: 2 x 75GHz ARM Cortex A2.0 + 6 x 55 GHz ARM Cortex A1.8. To accompany this SoC, moreover, we find well 6GB of LPDDR4 RAM e 128GB of internal memory (expandable via microSD) There is also one GPU Mali-G52, from 850MHz, which manages all the graphics part of the product, offering performance in line with its quality-price ratio.

How does this Teclast M40 behave with i Games? While the performance is almost identical to that found on the M40, here Asphalt 9 it often quits unexpectedly in the middle of the game. It happens often and I would not have expected such behavior from such a machine. The fact remains, however, that games a little less demanding from the point of view of performance run properly, without particular problems, with stable frame-rates. You do not have great graphics quality available, also due to the resolution of the display, but to have fun for a few minutes can be just fine. On the other hand, several apps can also be managed at the same time thanks to 6GB RAM mounted internally, although these are handled somewhat aggressively by the system. After a few minutes, in fact, the last applications used are no longer available in memory.

Playing for a few tens of minutes you feel a little heat on the back but the temperature reached are not worrying. This warmth is also felt when you watch some TV series on Netflix and, more generally, when you put the system under particular strain. Speaking of Netflix, then, it is right to remember how the certification Widevine is only L3 type, so it is not possible to view all video content at maximum quality.



With the "Pro" version also comes Android 11. Change poco, however, on a practical level since the software is identical to that provided by Google, without any kind of customization. Teclast, therefore, did not want to add anything that would upset Android by offering its customers a pure and clean experience. Thanks to this update, however, the security patches finally they are more recent, dating back to April 5 2021. Let's say, therefore, that it is a small step forward compared to what is shown on the M40, where Android 10 is still present.

However, all the main Google applications are present but this does not mean that others can be downloaded from Play Store. Here, fortunately, no ban has yet arrived about it.

Audio & Connectivity

In terms of connectivity on board this tablet resides, among other things, a module Wi-Fi ac Dual Band that even in the areas less covered by the house manages to maintain good performance. In case you are out of the house, however, you can take advantage of the LTE connectivity being able to use it at the same time the two nanoSIM 4G. Even in this last case, therefore, the reception is satisfactory. Finally, there is no lack of Bluetooth 5.0 e GPS / A-GPS / Glonass / Beidou, all compartments in which the product has never shown any malfunction. I just want to remind you, then, the presence of the two different cameras, the rear one from 8MP and that front of 5MP, which return just enough quality.

This tablet integrates 4 speakers but the quality offered by this sector is not what one might expect. Despite everything, in fact, the bass are almost completely absent and the sound turns out to be rather flat, without depth. There is a total predilection for medium and high tones and this aspect does not work in its favor especially when watching some movie or TV series.


Compared to Teclast M40 the battery capacity also increases, since on M40 Pro we go up to 7.000 mAh. This allows us, therefore, to certainly arrive until the evening even with a fairly intense use of the device, mainly exploiting the video streaming applications, YouTube and poco other. I must admit, however, that there are no particular differences with the predecessor, given that more or less autonomy in the long term is the same. In the course of these days, then, I happened to take advantage of the tablet much more at home, under a Wi-Fi network, rather than outdoors. I would like to point out, in fact, that with the LTE network, consumption increases slightly.

Price & Conclusions

Teclast M40 Pro is currently sold on AliExpress at a price of approx 170 €. In short, not very far from the amount required for the previous model. Even in the face of this aspect, therefore, I believe that it is very essential to have this tablet if you do not already have M40. Click on the Teclast official website, in the this page, to know more.

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176,6 €

Thanks to its quality-price ratio it is one of the best tablets on the market but you have to go down, as it should be, to some compromise. From a constructive point of view, the product is absolutely valid but the performances are only sufficient. Those who are looking for a useful device to keep family accounts, to write some articles, to view some video content on YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and others, for a rather basic gaming, this may be the right choice. You will hardly find anything similar to the same figure.

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Design & Materials
Connectivity & Audio
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review-teclast-m40-pro For years now Teclast has been a certainty in the tablet sector. Even if its products have not always proved to live up to expectations, its quality-price ratio has always been able to amaze from a certain point of view. In fact, we had the opportunity to try some ...