Tronsmart Onyx Apex Review: ANC and Calls at the Right Price

tronsmart onyx apex cover review

Although when it comes to audio products you often look to music, there are a few products of the genre rated more to features. And it is the case of the TWS ANC earphones Tronsmart Onyx Apex in review that are designed to provide important wireless capabilities, but will they have convinced us?

Tronsmart Onyx Apex Review

Package Contents

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The contents of the package of these Onyx Apex it is basically simple and essential for the type of product. In fact we find the charging case, the rubbers and obviously the earphones accompanied by the manuals. No more, no less and that's okay.

Design and materials

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The appearance of the new Tronsmart is definitely in line with that of the industry trend, with well-made earphones that get a certain originality with the touch control compartment with the brand logo. The case doesn't give much more to the overall design, but the important thing is to be present.

On the materials front, polycarbonate is well exploited and to the touch they seem to give a good feeling of having a product of safe quality.

Smart functions

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The point in favor of these Tronsmart Onyx Apex. The touch controls are very precise and therefore more immediate gestures can be obtained. And in fact, once the Bluetooth connection is made, you will not have to fear loss of stability or signal, since the codec Qualcomm QCC3040 absolutely does his duty.

Also noteworthy is the presence of Bluetooth 5.2, which allows you to never have loss of stability once connected to a device. Convenient support for both Siri and Google Assistant. Small sore point, theapplication dedicated, since support for Onyx Apex is not there yet.

Chapter ANC. The noise cancellation of these Tronsmart Onyx Apex earphones in review is very convincing. They have given us guarantees and allow us to have a fair and pleasant insulation for when we need to study, work or simply rest from external noises.

Audio quality - Tronsmart Onyx Apex

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The answer to the question about sound quality of these earphones is very simple: perfectly in the middle of the price range. There is no major push, they have sufficient and clear audio, but sonic miracles are not to be expected. L'aptX he does his duty, no doubt, but we could not cry out for a miracle.

Definitely better in call, where the noise reduction does its duty and the microphones as well. In short, you have already understood where we are going: these earphones are excellent allies for mobility, but not for listening to music of a certain level.


Very good, as often happens already from this price range, the autonomy of these earphones Tronsmart. And it's worth the talk of the audio, having to use them as an ally for calls and isolation they will last you very long, so we can say that they certainly do their job.

Tronsmart Onyx Apex Review - Price and Conclusions

And so let's get to the point of this review of Tronsmart Onyx Apex. In order to understand the whole context, the price must first be explained. And indeed, the range around the 40-45 € makes them excellent TWS earphones, for many target users. The advice that can be given, however, is to address them to those looking for honest followers for everyday life, between phone calls and simple noise cancellation. If you look at them for music, they are perhaps not what you could fully fit into.

Find all the information on the Tronsmart website at this link, while for the purchase we leave you the box with the discount code on Amazon.

NB If you do not see the link, we advise you to disable AdBlock.

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Package Contents
Design and Materials
Smart functions
Audio Quality
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review-tronsmart-onyx-apex-earphones-tws-anc While you often look at music when it comes to audio products, there are some products like that that are geared more towards functionality. And it is the case of the TWS ANC Tronsmart Onyx Apex earphones in review which are designed precisely to provide important wireless functionality, ...