It's official, LeTV is back: smartphone confirmed and an entire ecosystem of products

leeco letv smartphone return 18/5

In an editorial of mine a few months ago, I told you about the the departure of numerous Chinese companies, including in primis LeEco aka LeTV. It was 2017 when more and more news regarding the closure of the company began to appear. Instead of Xiaomi, Huawei, OPPO or vivo, LeEco was the first Chinese smartphone maker to land in the US, a move that alerted the sector. It was evident to many that it was a gamble, an expansionist move that could turn out to be the typical longest step of the leg. And that's exactly how it went: first closed the American division, then the collapse also in China, where sold the properties, assistance centers closed and lost aabsurd amount of money, fra debts and lost streaming rights. The CEO resigned and ended up under the media pillory, coming to not even be able to anymore move on public transport.

Upgrade 31 / 08: LeTV is back on the market with an ecosystem of products and confirming the rumors on a smartphone. After the event on May 18, the company returns to talk about its first device, this time with lots of images from vivo officers. Find all the details directly at the end of the article, in the new dedicated section.

LeEco confirms its official return to the scene: what to expect?

Two years after the collapse, 2019 saw the return of the LeTV brand with the launch of new smart TVs, parent product of the company. We remember, in fact, that LeTV was born in the beginning as a multimedia company, introducing online streaming when Netflix was still not the reality we know today. In the past few months the company has timidly introduced new products on the market, but apparently 2021 will sanction the return with great fanfare of LeTV. With an official teaser, we are told that the 18st May there will be a real event, called LeTV Smart Ecological Conference.

leeco letv return

As you can see, the LeEco brand is in no way indicated in the image, probably abandoned also due to the bad reputation of the past. With the term "Ecological”It is implied that the LeTV event will be focused on multiple product categories, some of which are indicated in the silhouette present in the image. We will certainly have new ones Smart TV, but among the numerous writings we can also see references to VR, 3D, Gaming, sports e audio. The image is not easy to interpret, also because the Chinese ideograms are inverted, but if you analyze it well, a very interesting detail comes out: LeTV will present a smartphone! Defined as “LeTV Super Phone”, it is plausible that it could present itself as a phone with high-end specifications.

leeco letv return

But speaking of the silhouette ... It seems that the man depicted in the teaser is Jia Yueting, just the CEO it has represented the collapse past of the company. It is not yet a certainty, although the image of the hooded sweatshirt would be a clue to consider, as he used to wear it at events.

LeTV features an entire ecosystem but without Jia Yueting

leeco letv return smartphone 3-1

Already a few days ago it was in the air that LeTv wanted to make a comeback on the market in a big way. And in the past few hours we have not been dissatisfied, given that the brand has presented a wide range of products such as TWS earphones, the smartwatch for children X200, but also power banks, a gaming monitor, ultra-sonic toothbrushes and above all, but they could not miss, new very interesting smart TVs, with many dedicated accessories.

However, what has attracted the most attention is obviously the key announcement of the LeTv event. In fact, it has been confirmed that a new smartphone of the brand will arrive soon, which will certainly be equipped with curved display, as they showed us in the teasers.

What has somewhat "disappointed" the expectations is the absence of Jia Yueting, the historic CEO of the brand that seems to be definitively representing the past of LeTV. Many believed that the silhouette of the event poster was his, but other executives denied that it could be interpreted as a misunderstanding. In short, we just have to wait for the next few weeks or months to get to know the brand's new device better.

LeTV's smartphone has been spotted since vivo | | Update 31/08

LeTV smartphone

The first smartphone after the return of LeTV it may not be a top device, as the teasers and images shown during the May event suggested. The device in question has appeared in some pictures from vivo on the official Weibo profile of the brand, showing a simple and essential look. On the front there is a display with notch to drop, while the camera layout has been concealed. Furthermore the chin appears quite pronounced, yet another sign of the low budget nature of the phone.

At the moment, neither details on the specifications nor the commercial name have been revealed. Despite this, recently a device called LeTV L5 it has been certified by TENAA with lots of details on the characteristics. Below you will find instead what should be the renderings of the device.

LeTV smartphone

The smartphone in question offers a display HD + (1600 x 720 pixels) from 6.52" diagonally, comes with 6 / 8 GB of RAM and 128 / 256 GB of storage. On the back there is a triple camera of 48 + 2 + 2 MP while on the front we have an 8 MP selfie module. There is talk of a 4.900 mAh battery while on the software side Android 9 is mentioned. Will this model be the first LeTV smartphone to sanction the return of the brand? But above all… what happened to the mysterious model with curved edges?

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