JIMMY SmartFan JF41 review: functional and elegant

That of smart (and non-smart) fans seems to be the latest trend of the moment coming from the East. Xiaomi, in fact, also using its numerous sub-brands has shown us different solutions suitable for every environment and, above all, for every pocket. Today we will talk about one of these products coming from a brand very close to Xiaomi. We are talking about the JIMMY Smart Fan JF41, a fan that, despite having well poco of Smart, it lends itself to multiple ways of use. 


JIMMY JF41 it comes in a fairly small package - being a fan - which has the bare essentials inside. You will then find the (almost) pre-assembled fan, the inevitable instructions for use, power supply and remote control for remote control (with batteries included). 


Dial this JIMMY small house fan it will be child's play. As mentioned, the product is practically already assembled, you just need to match the rigid rod to the upright and to the part with the engine and that's it. The power supply is via a small jack input on the base which unfortunately it does not have the USB input

Design and materials

It is undeniable that one of the strengths of the JIMMY JF41 both the aesthetic aspect. The product is in fact very compact and easy to store in any corner and certainly gives an appearance premium to the environment thanks to the alternating use of metal and plastic, with silver tones broken by the blue polycarbonate blade.

The sensation, at first sight and even after weeks of use, remains that of a product that is really well built and destined to maintain its robustness over time. As already said, then, the aesthetic value should not be underestimated: one of the weak points of common fans, in fact, is precisely the impossibility of "camouflaging" in the environment. JIMMY JF41on the other hand, considering also the compact dimensions it does not appear to be a visual encumbrance, much less material. 

Functionality and use

We have already clarified that it is not a Smart product since it is possible to control its functions only from the small oval remote control in the package (however very convenient). We will therefore not have any app available, but poco bad. The smart fan JIMMY JF41 can deliver a powerful jet of air, able to keep a 20 square meter room cool even in these weeks of scorching heat, and it does so with maximum silence (reaches a maximum of 30 db, against an average of about 50/60 db). 

No app, therefore, but a series of very comfortable features. The first, which pleasantly surprised me, is the ability to rotate on itself, so the rod to which the motor is attached performs a rotation of 360 ° horizontally, while the shell - where the propeller resides - can move by about 110 ° on its vertical

Going forward we find the possibility to set the intensity of the blades on 3 speeds, both standard and in Natural Wind mode, which simulates the effect of the wind on the beach so to speak. Last but not least, there is the very convenient Timer, settable at 30 minutes, 2 hours and 4 hours: a real panacea for the night use of the product. 

Price and conclusions

JIMMY JF41 it is a premium product. Let's get our hands on because the price (being a fan) could make someone turn up their noses. We are talking - in fact - of €149, which become approx €100 with the flash offer on the official store. A definitely above average cost for a product in this category which, however, I don't feel like criticizing. As repeated several times, in fact, the compactness, the constructive quality and also the aesthetic properties of this product are not common to many of his colleagues; in short, by purchasing it you will undoubtedly find yourself in your hands a product destined to last over the next few years, definitely a good thing since - you know - very often fans accompany us for just one summer before abandoning us. 


JIMMY's new remote control fan is now on offer for 50 €

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