Jimmy HW8 Pro review: the cyclonic vacuum cleaner that (really) washes, vacuums and self-cleans

Founded in 1994 and with over 10 million vacuum cleaners sold per year, there is no doubt that Jimmy has become one of the most important brands in the world of household cleaning products. By now we know the company well and if there is one factor that unites all the models of the brand it is that excellent quality / price ratio typical of the brand, as well as its ability to be able to improve with each new device, also trying to bring answers to some of its users' needs.

It is an important concept, which we also find in the brand new Jimmy HW8 Pro. It is a floor cleaning vacuum cleaner that, in a sense, is positioned in the middle between the typical cordless cyclonic vacuum cleaners and robots capable of vacuuming and polishing surfaces. But it does so with a difference: thanks to its structure and the use of water, the new one Jimmy HW8 Pro it is one of the very few products able to really vacuum and wash floors, eliminating even the most stubborn stains and simplifying the life of those who use it thanks to a self-washing system.

In short, it is an all-rounder product, which has just been presented by the company and which we have had the opportunity to try out in order to fully understand all the pros and cons of a product that has all the credentials to be defined. the "game changer" for lazy people (or those who have poco time), because it is a cordless vacuum cleaner that really sucks and washes the floor, eliminating even the most annoying stains, and in the end it cleans itself.

Jimmy HW8 Pro review: washes (really), vacuums and self-cleans

Package Contents

As well as all the company's products, even the Jimmy HW8 Pro it is sold with a package full of accessories, aesthetically well cared for and almost compact. Inside, in addition to the floor cleaner, we find:

  • Charging base
  • Accessory holder
  • 500ml cleanser
  • Replacement roller

Design and materials

Although the shape is typical of a cordless vacuum cleaner, the structure and design of the Jimmy HW8 Pro they stray a lot from the slim and slender lines of the company's other products. The rotating roller brush is connected to the structure of the floor cleaner vacuum cleaner and cannot be disconnected, but the main reason that prompted the company to focus on this design is undoubtedly the presence of two water tanks, one for that. clean and the other for the dirty one, which make “magic” possible. The water is then sprayed through a small nozzle placed in the upper part of the brush, and is distributed at such an angle as to allow the scrubber to suck it up with precision, preventing any drops from remaining on the floor.

Clearly, the Jimmy HW8 Pro it is not equipped with a dirt container: thanks to the water, everything that will be sucked up will be brought into the container with the liquid, which will make general cleaning of the vacuum cleaner much simpler, more functional and less tedious to carry on.

La construction It is made of rigid plastic of excellent workmanship and despite the presence of all the motorized components, those of Jimmy have managed to contain the weight to about 1,4 kg. And this lightness is a great thing, especially considering the presence of a ergonomic handle and a rotating force of the roller that will make cleaning a lot easier, indeed, it will practically drag it on the floor, eliminating any possible effort.

The use with one hand is therefore very comfortable. Furthermore, i cleaning buttons and mode change are located right on the handle, while the distribution of the water takes place manually through a trigger that has been positioned on the inside and which is very easy to reach.

The motorized brush cannot be disconnected from the body of the device, but it can be disassembled for possible cleaning or replacement, and certainly will not allow the use of the floor cleaning vacuum cleaner with angles close to 180 °, but its solid and well designed, it will prevent water leaks from the tanks and from the washing circuit: when using the vacuum cleaner, despite the fact that water is sprayed under pressure on the floor, it will never, ever happen to find puddles of water.

Previously then, the Jimmy HW8 Pro integrates a display that allows you to monitor the battery charge, the mode of use used, the status of the clean water tank and that of the dirty water, but which in my opinion has been positioned in an area poco accessible when using the scrubber: the front area is practically invisible while cleaning, and to check all the information reproduced on the display it will inevitably be necessary to turn off everything and move around to read it. I would have liked more a display positioned in the upper area of ​​the structure, in order to be much more accessible even while using the product.

Suction and washing

Jimmy HW8 Pro it is also equipped with a floor base, on which it will stand vertically and all that will need to be done to use it is simply to refill the water tank (perhaps also inserting a cap of the cleaning liquid that comes out of the package), turn on the system, select the mode and press the trigger to distribute the water.

There are two suction modes, Eco and Max, and not only affect the quality of cleaning or the battery life, but also have a strong impact on the discharge speed of the water tank. This is perhaps the only compromise of the Jimmy HW8 Pro, because in the most powerful mode it will be necessary to fill the vacuum cleaner with clean water (and empty the dirty one) very often.

And this is because the tanks are not excessively large: the one for clean water is 350 ml, while the one for dirty water is 450 ml: in my opinion perhaps too limited capacities, which would have been better to increase. It is true, however, that increasing the size of the tanks would also increase those of the product in general, but fortunately it is possible to adjust the volume of water at the outlet, in order to find the right compromise.

In any case, details aside, one thing must be admitted: unlike traditional vacuum cleaners or floor cleaning robots, with the Jimmy HW8 Pro not only will it be vacuumed (with a suction power of 15.000 Pa and a 300w Brushless motor), but you can really wash the floors, eliminating even the most stubborn stains, even if with a double pass.

After cleaning, you can then put away the Jimmy HW8 Pro on its charging base, empty the dirty water container and refill the clean water one and press the self-cleaning button: in a few moments the device will start self-cleaning, and will do so using just the water, in so as to eliminate any residual dirt not only from the suction circuit, but also from the motorized brush. Fantastic.

Battery life

As for autonomy, I will immediately come to the point: the battery pack that contains 8 3000 mAh modules is certainly not the greatest limitation of this product, which can be used for about half an hour without any problem. In my tests I had no problem cleaning an area of ​​about 70 square meters without even completely discharging the battery, but the problem is that to complete the cleaning I had to refill the water tank at least 2-3 times. But all in all it is the right price to be able to really vacuum and wash floors with a single pass.

The charging times are also in line with all the other products in the sector: for a full charge, from 0% to 100%, it could take from 4 to 5 hours.

Selling price and conclusions

The official price of the Jimmy HW8 Pro is 399 euros on Amazon, but through our coupon (found below) you can buy it with a discount that makes drop the figure to 384 euros. I always advise you to check the box below in which we will always insert the historical minimum and any discount coupon.

And without turning around too much, we are talking about a product rich in merits and with few defects. The immediacy of use is maximum, it sucks and washes and then cleans itself also. Too bad, however, that, as we have seen in the other exponents of the category, the capacity of the water containers is not the maximum: during cleaning, especially in large rooms, it may be necessary to empty the dirty water and refill the clean one several times. before completing the process.

But as I said, it is the right price to be able to thoroughly clean ceramic floors and parquet with a single pass.

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