Ecovacs Deebot N8 review: probably the best value for money!

Lately we have seen in all sauces, and perhaps the sympathy for devices Ecovacs it is quite evident: we have tried many, and indeed the company's robotic vacuum cleaners and scrubbers are among the most interesting in the sector, at least for now.

After seeing the variant Ecovacs Deboot N8 + in review by Dario, today we try the cheaper version, the standard N8 which lacks the self-emptying station and very few other features. Probably the value for money is even better, but let's find out together.

Ecovacs N8 review

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Content of the package

La package di sale it is rather bulky and is full of many accessories. In detail inside we find:

  • Ecovacs Deboot N8
  • Two rotating brushes, marked with red and green color according to the side on which they are to be installed
  • 10 Disposable dust collector cloths
  • Robot cleaning brush
  • 2 dust bags
  • User manual and warranty

Design and Materials

There is well poco to say aboutaesthetics and construction of this Ecovacs Deboot N8, as compared to its older brothers it is practically identical and does not differ in any aesthetic aspect.

Lo thickness it is quite contained and thanks to this peculiarity, even slipping under the furniture for more thorough cleaning will not be so difficult. There is also the classic "turret”Already seen on the N8 + model, which exploits the type technology True Mapping which allows you to make a intelligent mapping (and above all fast) of your home.

In addition, in the upper part we find a practical on and off button, as well as a sort of "engine compartment”Inside which there is the filter with the dust box, the ON-OFF button to be used, perhaps, only in case you are missing for several days from home, because if you turn it off, then the robot will no longer be reachable via the app, and the pairing of Wi-Fi to be used for the first configuration or in case of network change.

Below is also the water tank in case you want to use the robot also as a floor cleaner; the capacity of the tank and of 240 ml, like other robots on the market.

I materials, basically plastic everywhere, they are pretty good and the Ecovacs N8 inspires confidence, it must be said; in addition, the presence on the front of the robot of a side able to cushion like a real shock absorber the blows in case of collision with some obstacle or wall, so as not to damage the body in the long run.

Le wheels, then, they are identical to those of the N8 + model, super bodied and rather large to the point of being able to overcome obstacles up to 2cm without problems of any kind. I am made of rubber and they manage to have a good grip even on wet and not exactly flat surfaces.

Finally, next to the wheels, there are two rubber brushes useful for an even deeper and less basic cleaning. Spare parts are easily available for a few tens of euros on The Amazon.


As already seen in the other reviewed models of the company Ecovacs, the app that allows us to interface with robot vacuum cleaners is quite complete and well made even if slightly lacking in Italian translation, but this is a frequent problem when it comes to Chinese devices.

Aside from this aspect, the Ecovacs works great: at the first start it will allow you to connect to the home network and immediately start the first mapping of the house, so that it can be divide into zones and allow you, then, an exceptional customization for which areas of the house to clean and which not.

Among the points extremely in favor ofEcovacs Deboot N8 we find the reactivity in the mapping as well as its extreme precision; in my house I could see stools, chairs, tables and even small marble risers in the kitchen area as shy with particular skill. In addition, thanks to the sensors it is equipped with, it is also able to detect the presence of carpets (highlighting them, consequently, also on the map) and, during the cleaning phase, adjust the power downwards in order to have a better cleaning.

Furthermore thanks to the app it is possible to exclude specific areas of the house; For example, I excluded the area below the marble corner of the TV because it is full of cables and various tangles, where the robot would be stranded within a few seconds. Plus this too Ecovacs Deboot N8 it is compatible with the multi-floor map: the only requirement, as always, is to move the charging station from floor to floor.

Thanks to compatibility with Alexa e Google Homethen, Ecovacs Deboot N8 can start washes or return to the charging base even with very simple voice commands; the use is rather limited, as I personally would have appreciated the possibility of starting a cleaning even in zones (and not just a standard cleaning) only with the voice.

The robot, however, is fully compatible with the Italian language and is equipped with one speaker which will reproduce warnings during use, for example if you have a low battery, if it has finished a cycle, if it is returning to the charging station and so on.

Suction power and washing quality - Ecovacs Deboot N8

As already seen on other similar models, the suction power is adjustable on 4 different levels including a "Silent" mode to use, perhaps, if you are doing a washing cycle and not purely aspiration. It must be said, however, that the robot is not excessively noisy even in "Maximum +" mode, essentially nothing more than a classic traditional vacuum cleaner.

As regards the technical data, Ecovacs Deboot N8 possesses a maximum suction capacity of up to 2300Pa, values ​​in the market average and identical even to the most expensive devices of the same company Ecovacs. Leaving aside the technicalities, Ecovacs N8, thanks also to the presence of the two support brushes, has an excellent suction capacity even for the most annoying dirt, such as animal hair or particularly unpleasant hair residues.

Don't be in a hurry to see clean the environment in which you find yourself as the robot follows its operating logics, often different from those of a classic human who passes the vacuum cleaner, and could go over several times in the same area before actually seeing the dirt totally aspirated.

In addition, as already mentioned, the N8 boot comes with function MOP, Then floor washer. Also in this case the power of the water jet is adjustable on 4 levels (I recommend the level not higher than 3, as the maximum level really uses too much water) and is activated only when you have connected the accessory in microfibre (supplied in the package), without which the washing mode will not be usable.

The suction-washing speed of an environment of approx 90mq stands around the 50-55 minutes of complete work: the water tank, in an environment of this size, is sufficient if you work with levels 1-2 while with levels 3-4 it may be necessary to refill the tray. Unlike the N8 + model, here there is no automatic emptying station, this means that at the end of the cleaning operations you will have to manually empty the dust collection box and refill the water for the next washing.

Battery life

Ecovacs Deebot N8 owns a battery from 3200 mAh which guarantees an autonomy of poco more than an hour if you work at maximum power with both suction and washing; autonomy rises slightly, up to about an hour and twenty minutes, if the power is adjusted to an intermediate level.

The downside is the charging times: around 4 hours for a complete recharge they are a bit too much, but by working logically and with programming these recharging times will be well distributed over the days and you will not even notice that the robot is unloaded.

Price and Conclusions - Ecovacs Deboot N8

The sale price at which this is proposed Ecovacs Deboot N8 is 399 euros but very often, always on Amazon, it can be found on a flash offer for less than 350 euros which, to be honest, is a truly exceptional price for a device of this range and with these characteristics. In addition, we managed to get a coupon bomb that will allow you to buy it for only € 319, so take advantage of it because the offer expires on August 29th.

Among its advantages it is necessary to highlight the system for the mapping of the house extremely fast and precise as well as a complete and well-made app capable of optimizing cleaning operations to the maximum. On the other hand, we have a not very large water tank and a battery whose autonomy is not the best, but as already mentioned, with a little organization of the cleaning work they are "defects" that will go totally unnoticed.

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