vivo is now in the global Top 5 in smartphone sales

vivo top 5 smartphone sales in the world mid 2021
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The work carried out in the Global market in recent years has brought alive a new dimension and awareness. In fact, vivo has managed to bring itself to the half of this 2021 in top 5 of the sales around the world in the special ranking of manufacturers of smartphone.

I live among the world's top players in smartphone sales

vivo top 5 smartphone sales in the world mid 2021 2

The report brought by Canalys, shows us the complete picture of the smartphone shipments started in Q2 2021, which shows us just how vivo is now ranked fifth, obtaining a slice equivalent to 10% of the market, on an equal footing with OPPO, which, however, achieved a minimally greater growth of 28%, compared to 27% of the "Blue Factory". A great result for vivo, which in the 50 countries in which it is present all over the world, 10 of these in Europe, continues to gain support.

Taking a more detailed look at the ranking, we realize that in reality the other brands are not that far away. For example, Apple, third, currently holds 14%, while the newly ranked second Xiaomi is now at 19%. The first manufacturer, needless to say, is Samsung, since the South Koreans managed to obtain a share of 19%. In short, I live there and want to get noticed. But it is not at all difficult, considering the products arrived to us, like X60 Pro that we have reviewed, or the vivo V21 5G.

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