Tineco PWRHERO11 SNAP review: simplicity meets cleanliness

tineco pwrhero11 snap cover review
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In the vast ecosystem of home cleaning products, cordless cyclonic vacuums play a leading role alongside robots. There are now all types, price ranges and functionalities, but there is a brand that offers among the widest catalogs possible and it is Tineco, our knowledge of long standing, which always finds a way to launch a vacuum cleaner of a certain quality and which meets an honest price, as in the case of PWRHERO11 SNAP, protagonist of this review.

Tineco PWRHERO11 SNAP review

Package Contents

tineco pwrhero11 snap 01 review

As always, the packaging is very rich Tineco, which does not miss anything to the owners of the vacuum cleaner on duty and is no less for the PWRHERO11 SNAP of this review. Unlike the other models, however, this time the box is compact, made of recycled materials and certainly not cluttered.

As for the content, we immediately come across the two auctions of the central structure, the brush main with LED (always useful), the engine with tank and battery, the brush for manual use for surfaces such as tables, the accessory for cracks and the one for i hair. Also present is the wall support and manuals very complete. In short, nothing is missing.

Design and materials

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Very similar to the Pure One X in the colors, it stands out for having a module with transparent plastic finishes, this due to a larger tank, which fits well with the painted aluminum structure, this time divided into two blocks.

However, it is light, simple and these are probably the strengths of the PWRHERO11 SNAP, it is definitely a product that pushes for manageability and compactness.


  • Motor power: 450W;
  • Suction power: 20.000 Pa / 120W Max;
  • Noise: 75-85 dB;
  • Dimensions: 110.7 x 26.5 x 21.4 cm;
  • Container capacity: 0.6 L;
  • Battery: 2.500 mAh

Suction power and operation - Tineco PWRHERO11 SNAP review

tineco prwhero11 snap 03 review

Before we can talk about how powerful this vacuum cleaner is or how it works, we need to talk about the maneuverability. In spite of the large engine and tank module, it performs very well and is very comfortable in both mode standard, both in mode reduced (therefore with a structure with a single rod), and in mode Vac.

Having said this, let's say that the maximum suction power is still satisfactory to be from 120W. Among other things, both in the minimum and maximum mode we have an acceptable noise level. The LED to illuminate dark areas is always a convenience not to be underestimated.


tineco prwhero11 snap 04 review

The autonomy is basically satisfactory for a standard cleaning session, but don't expect miracles. This is because it ranges from approx 40 minutes in minimum mode ai 15 of the maximum mode, which allows a complete suction, although sometimes it is subject to do more passes.

Tineco PWRHERO11 SNAP Review - Price and conclusions

When we first talked about price honestly, it is because a vacuum cleaner like the Tineco in question should actually cost this way. In a range of approx 190-200 €, we find it as often happens on Amazon, it suits us perfectly and we do not believe it should cost more, but not even less.

And this brings us to the conclusions of this one review of Tineco PWRHERO11 SNAP, which in our opinion is aimed at an audience looking for a no-frills, comfortable, light vacuum cleaner that does its duty without overdoing it with smart options of other known models, which however perhaps have a longer autonomy on their side.

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