Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro review: do we have the best Chinese earphones of 2021?

xiaomi flipbuds pro cover review

When it comes to wireless earphones, especially if we go up in price, the scepter of best in class is really complex to assign. Still, it seems that this time Xiaomi wanted to give a boost to the market with its TWS earphones Flip Buds Pro, protagonists of this new one review: will they have succeeded in the enterprise?

Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro Review

Package Contents

xiaomi flipbuds pro 01 review

We can retain the packaging box of the Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro in review very elegant and certainly suitable for a premium product. Inside, all the compartments are well cared for and we find the rubbers, to say very comfortable, a Type-C charging cable and manuals, unfortunately only in Chinese. Here, keep this in mind, because it can probably affect the whole test.

Design and materials

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The design of these Flip Buds Pro it's really nice, probably one of the most captivating seen in this 2021 and above all they try to stand out in the sea of ​​basically all very similar earphones, a bit like the "younger" brothers do Mi Air 2 Pro, also arrived in Italy. The glossy finish with the matte central structure has a good eye-catcher, i materials they are blatantly good as well as those of the case.

They're not small, they're not light, but they really fit comfortably on your ears. The fact that they are not small we assume is all a consequence of the fact that there is a hardware important used for the excellent functioning of the same, as you will see later.

Smart functions

Cross and delight of these earphones, no doubt and certainly not their fault. Mind you, the smart features of the FlipBuds Pro have nothing wrong with them. Indeed, it is very interesting how Xiaomi has entered the touch controls, which start using some sort of haptic feedback which is certainly not a common solution, far from it. Moreover, they also work really well and are hardly wrong, also because it's as if you are clicking them. As for theANC here we are, it is very good for the product category, but its management is related to the "problem" of these earphones.

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This is because the problem with smart functions is the language of the dedicated application XiaoAI. In fact, although it's done very well, it's totally in Chinese. And although it is not complex for those who are used to learning the commands and all the pairing functions, you need to be familiar with Chinese to understand it thoroughly. In other words, they are not yet a product designed for the West and it is a shame. We hope they will take a step soon to bring it here translated.

Chicca does not give pocofinally, the possibility of pairing with two devices to be able to switch between one and the other without problems.

Audio quality - Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro

xiaomi flipbuds pro 03 review

The real strength of these Xiaomi earphones. The audio is really good, the sound is clean, rich in detail and is for those who listen to music on Android (mostly). In fact, theaptX Adaptive does a great job, thanks to the chipset QCC5151 of Qualcommm, in order to ensure stability and sound quality and we must say that it is in direct competition with the famous brands, especially Chinese.

And if theapplication dedicated was also only in English, we could also work onequalization concretely, but we have to rely on the pure performance of the earphones. Even on call they hear us really well, with the microphones that react well to stress with good isolation. In short, we are faced with a great product in this sense.


Here, too, there is absolutely no complain, since the data anticipated by Xiaomi are respected, since we are around 7 hours guaranteed and above all close to 28 hours autonomy with the case. In short, they will not leave you on foot easily, you can count on them for long walks.

For recharging, in addition to a certain speed to fully recharge them, there is the possibility of performing one wireless charging, therefore in comfort in case you cannot recharge them in a wired way.

Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro Review - Price and Conclusions

After having told a little everything there was to say about the Flip Buds Pro, conclusions must be drawn. Before getting there, however, we need to focus on the price. On the stores that are importing them, the price is not small, since we are around 120 / 130 €, but they are not cheap in China either.

And it is from here that we must start to analyze these earphones: for what they offer, for how they sound, for how they are in themselves, the price is fine and we recommend them to those who want something more. Except that XiaoAI almost represents a handicap for using these earphones at 100%. But if you are really not interested in dealing with the various smart features and you just need to know how i touch controls, then they are super recommended, because they are really good.

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